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Welcome to Your Secret Meetings Site

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Welcome to your own Secret Meetings Website. Each month, for the next 12 months, based on your account, you will have access to your personal next level.

Every thirty days your Secret Meeting level will automatically be advanced to the next level. You will find your levels in the right hand column section “Your Secret Meetings”.

Your Neothink® Society has, like any other great organization, been evolving, Neo-Tech, SOS, Society of Secrets are all discussed within your Secret Meetings. They all are now “Neothink®” and Your Neothink® Society”.

All of the information within your next 12 months of  Secret Meetings with your mentor, Mark Hamilton is presented in Flash format. Flash is todays most viewed format and functions with all computers and browsers. Please ensure that your Flash is upgraded to the latest version. You can check for FLASH updates here.

NOTICE: Some of the FLASH videos have instuctions to play full screen, these are no longer valid. To play full screen click on the icon as noted:


Once again, Welcome to Your Secret Meetings. Enjoy your journey.


736 Responses to “Welcome to Your Secret Meetings Site”
  1. N. Green says:


    Thank you for your kind invitation to participate in your Neo-Tech Mastermind association. I am quite certain that there is much that I could learn from you on the aspects of wealth generation. However, I am currently occupied in building “The Green Dynasty.” I am therefore asking that you offer me a rain check for membership in this association. On the commercial side, I am accumulating information on a book that describes a specific “deep state” at a certain local level. Having prior warning from Dr. R., I had better “get out of Dodge” before I start this endeavor. Do you have any suggestions as to who an appropriate publisher/technical editor might be? My timeline begins after August of this year.


    When I was a little girl I wanted to grow up to be a teacher or something like that. i never imagined i would be to reprogram my brain toward happiness joy and bliss as a way of ridding humans of our human too-emotional past. I had noticed this overly emotional aire after returning to USA from living in Scotland 4 years, 1989-1993. I found America, my Beautiful homeland to be loud as people carried on and on about everything and everyone else instead of quieting their own thoughts. OVERLY LOUD and has not quieted yet. You wonder why some groups of people have higher death rates than others….the answer is TOO EMOTIONAL and skin color is irrelevant to Nature’s fury of disease–it is TOO MUCH EMOTIONAL OUTPOURING. If you don’t want to get sick, then stop REACTING to your Emotions. Tell your Subconscious Mind — NO, NO, NO to Every Negative thought and yes to Every POSITIVE thought. Quiet silence will come……. Let’s have AMERICA do a QUIET AMERICA DAY for 24 hours and practice the NO NO NO YES……with love, Christine

  3. Kevin L Kesler says:

    Mr Hamilton, I am reading the manuscripts in order being provided to me. I was slow figuring out how to log on to this site. I have read the meetings available to me (1 and 2). It has been more than a month since I started and no more meetings have opened up. I have been involved with one of the Thursday night phone calls, but with my work schedule I can be in on the first hour. 4am comes early. Enough negative, I’m not a victim, your manuscripts are amazing. Your writing style is very smooth and easy to follow. Your father’s style took longer to get into, but I have adapted to it. Everyday in the news, I see where Neo-tech is desperately needed. Now with tyranny of the pandemic response, the anti-civilization is exactly a death cult. How do we advance from this? Or is this the crash you hinted at, where the system is rebuild from scratch? Maybe its my military background but I am quickly reaching a fight or take cover stance. Hopefully you think I am ready for more insight.

    Feeling ready to come in deeper,
    Kevin K

  4. Bonnie Coffen says:

    I wanted to thank you for finding me. I find your books very fascinating. I agree with the concepts. I love to read and study. Love to learn new things. I was wondering how you found me? I know I have blocked talents and gifts and have been trying to find a way to get them unblocked. I had somethings happened to me when I was a child and I blocked a lot of myself in my self-conscious so I could survive. I will be 75 on May 1. I would love to find a way to unblocked the gifts and talents. I would love to find who I would of been today if I hadn’t blocked the self-counsiouse. Do I really have the gift to heal. I would love to be able to do that and help other people that are hurting. Oh, by the way my Friday Night Essence is called SUNSHINE VILLAGE. THE HOMES WILL BE CUSTOM BUILD TINI HOMES BUILD TO FIT THE NEEDS OF THE OWNERS,USING MORINGA WOOD TO PURIFY THE WATER, COMPOST TOILETS, GRAY WATER IS PUMPED OUT TO WATER THEIR LAWNS WITH IN GROUD SPRINKLERS, SO THEY DON’T HAVE TO DRAG A HOSE AROUND. THE HOMES ARE FOR THE OLDER GENERATIONS THAT THEIR FAMILY WANT TO PUT IN OLD FOLKS HOME. I DON’T WANT TO GO TO SOME OLD FOLKS HOME. I’M STILL ACTICE AND I LOVE TO BUILD THINGS. WE STILL HAVE A LOT OF VALUE TO GIVE. THANK YOU FOR FINDING ME. OH, THE VILLAGE WILL HAVE A BIG GARDEN WITH RAISED BEDS SO WE CAN GROW OUR OWN FOOD, A MORINGA TREE ORCHARD AND A FRUIT ORCHARD THAT HAS 5 DIFFERIENT KINDS OF FRUIT ON EACH TREE. ALSO A SMAILL FARM RUN BY A FARMER THAT THEY WANT TO PUT OUT TO PASTURE, BUT HE IS READY FOR THAT. IE IS GOING TO GROW CHICKENS, AND SOME COWS AND PIGS TO HAVE BUTCHERED FOR THE RESIDENTS. AND THERE WILL BE A BIG FISH POND, SO WE CAN SIT AROUND AND CATCH OUR SUPPER WHEN WE FEEL LIKE IT. I HAVE A LOT MORE IDEAS FOR VILLAGE, I’LL TELL YOU ABOUT THEM WHEN I GET TO MEET YOU. I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU ALL. LOVE BONNIE

  5. N. Green says:

    I have enjoyed reading a number of your books, but my current go-to book is Engine of Wealth. Yes, I am quite certain that I will come to know you very soon. I do understand the nature of the “15 second miracles” as I am now experiencing them at a rate of about ten a day. (I have too many “Friday-night essences.”) In case any one is interested, I am a 77 year (young)
    retired chemical engineer, who has accumulated a score of physical and philosophical questions over a lifetime, and a super-puzzle is rapidly emerging, which I believe will be valuable to the society.
    Yours – an irredeemable deplorable (code words)
    Wayne Green

  6. Jessie Lee McKim says:

    Thank you for considering me for membership iam very intrigued with all the books and your letters and I hope it does all you say it will iam a slow reader and my life is chaos at the moment so I’m reading as much as I can when can I see results in the financial area sure could use extra funds right now so looking forward to your mentorship

  7. Shannen Welch says:

    Hey Mark,

    Glad to be apart of this Journey here at Neothink.

    Thanks, for giving me the opportunity,


  8. Lynnette Stark says:

    Mr. Hamilton, I love the books. They are amazing. I am worried that I can’t find my Friday-night essence.


    Mr. Hamilton,

    I A M A H E A L E R . . .

    humbly, christine


    There is a warm freedom of heart when all the heartneurons light up love from our higher soul to GOD/UNIVERSE AND THROUGHOUT ALL OF CREATION. The vibrations are pure joy and bliss, lighting up the face, eyes and within every cell within our bodies. This way GOD shows us it is okay to feel our Emotions. Give ourselves permission to embrace them–big or small. Our Creativity is the ONE LINKS TO GOD/UNIVERSE. Hence, ask your Creativity emotion, ‘What is your other Side, my loving Creativity,’ and the answer may surprise you.
    With Unconditional Love, Christine L. Brinkley


    Thank you for your time and attention to caring for people shown through your books. Those that change from my hands to others are drastically changing their minds and their lives for the better and are much happier. I needed to see this for myself because they did not have the same effect on me thus far. I will keep reading.
    –I noted that in JANUARY there were no NEOTHINK books for sale on Amazon or Ebay. –That all changed by March with plenty for-sale for the picking but as I buy them up their prices are also going up.
    —-[I purchased your books, perhaps you can take a look at my books and purchase them to help me–PEN NAME IS CHRISTINE L. BRINKLEY co-authored with RONALD W. GRAFTON, an isolated genius, my adopted celestial brother.
    —–Ronnie wrote over 200 lengthy poems of multi-dimensional scientific foundation. HIS POETRY FOREVER CHANGED MY LIFE, especially when meeting GOD during my stroke who spoke of HUMANITY’S FUTURE AND NOW AND PLENTY.
    –Reading your books perhaps aided the big picture forming inside my head bringing together the UNIVERSE, HUMANITY’S INCREASE IN INTELLIGENCE and how to rid yourself of aging, PERIOD.
    Wait until you see me in person at 65 years young with virtually no grey, no varicose veins, 5’9, 140 lbs of running childish bliss, spreading love around the global into the field just above everyone’s heads, the same LOVE blessed from the Gulf of Mexico.
    –I love you, too, Mr. Hamilton but you might consider a much bigger picture than what you currently see . . . ; ]
    THEREFORE, Something about the global

  12. Kevin L Kesler says:

    Hi, Mark. I’m hungry to absorb the material provided and I am anxiously awaiting personal contact with fellow members. The heirlooms and manuscripts are great, but now its time to start discussing them and polish my understanding of the knowledge provided. I’m looking for answers as to what is next, Neothink is a positive direction. Awaiting the next step. Thanks for allowing me to join the journey ahead. Kevin K

    PS When will the active member section be available to me?

  13. Dennis Lane says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton I want to meet woman love romance do have work shop meet and music what part of the US you live I feel great about my life now thanks to you

  14. Homer Johnson says:

    I initially started reading your work back in the 90s. I am recently retired and very much into reading your Neothink manuscripts. Excited to become involved in the secret meetings with you and the other members.

  15. Laverne Reed says:

    Hi Mr. Hamilton;
    I submitted a comment last week stating that i have completed the trilogy and started on the Forbidden Revelation. i am trying to get into the level meeting but, the videos are not playing will try again later.

  16. Joanne Mancha says:


  17. Andre Monroe says:

    I’m excited & interested in a higher learning.. I have read several of Mark books i find them very revealing to inner clues of self & self motivation gifts hidden within.. I look forward to this new journey of knowledge and awareness that has my attention..

  18. Xameleon18 says:

    Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I had some questions When can I meet in person so I can ask about it. Also I want to ask after the 3 books I already have should I keep buying books? I mean it’s mandatory? Please I need answer and Hopefully if you choose me to see you soon. Thanks again!

  19. carl cadman says:

    mark Hamilton, how is everything! I am not doing good at all!! your employes sent the wrong books! I got a book with 2 keys, a book with 1 key, then I got a book with 2 keys again!! I called and the girl said I need the book with 3 keys! I did not get to read about miss annabell. your group of frinds is my last hope!!! I hate life. I have no luck at all!! You said I have good treaits.. ha ha. You must be looking at some budy eles!! I am looking at bankrubtcy again>> I haven’t missed any bills yet but something must change!! call me 219 746 8468 cell. I need help! carl Cadman.



    I have created a PowerPoint slideshow that will be ready for review in a few days,

    Serving as my self-healing medicine;

    If you know about me–Navy, highly decorated friends say, veteran of Desert Storm who is nonsensical,

    Declared disabled in 2017 by a federal judge for the SSA, from a TERRIFYING stroke that happened on 2/2/2015.

    Disability scared the hell out of me–left me feeling like society had given up on me and perhaps I had given up on myself; with the difficulties I have had to confront for Emotional Healing, a walking-talking-miracle patient, 5 years of healing after confronting GOD face-to-face on my life-changing day in 2015–

    And truthfully it turned out to be a bitch-slap from GOD . . .

    Explained in the slideshow . . . as well as . . .

    Riding on an eagle’s back and . . .

    ‘Talking’ to the ocean . . .

    Now, I have a proposition for you, Mr Hamilton–

    I wish to release the slideshow

    titled, ‘Have Faith in My Self’–

    INSPIRATION for world-wide distribution but do not know how to do this task.

    –I will upload it to you– I AM WITHOUT PRECONCEIVED EXPECTATIONS—many in the world perhaps need some HEALING, too, Mark–your name associated with healing the World.

    I need a hand up with tears in my eyes–HEALING ME–HEALING YOU–

    All I am asking is for you to view my slideshow–

    Perhaps— produce it on YouTube, You can take all the credit–

    I am asking from my healing heart– not of my vanity/ego. . . .

    –I am Sincerely humble, Christine

  21. Alice Smith-Brown says:

    Hello Mark: I finally made it to the “secret meetings” Thank you so much for allowing me to be here🙂 I’m looking forward to learning and growing with Neo-Think! Is this the proper area to ask questions? I’m still having trouble viewing the video with the big red arrow. Any help would be greatly appreciated.🙂

  22. Donald Cyra says:

    Enjoyed reading. Lots of good information. I am married, and am a very humble person so I don’t need power, but would like to know how I could make an extra $500.00 a month.

  23. Gary l simanek says:

    I have been a member since Dec.13 2014 I have not been very active. I would like to become more active. be waiting to here from you.


    Good Morning, Mr. Hamilton,
    I had a funny thought early this morning, only 1 or 5 in my days. I have never in my nearly 65 years on this beautiful planet, paid someone else so I may serve them. A first time for everything–my question–How may I serve you and NEOTHINK……Christine


    It is nice to make your acquaintance. I want to personally let you know, I joined your inner group with your $299 membership offer because the Cosmos/God told me YES. Why? I do not yet know. However, I did not purchase your Secrets of the League manuscript because its 10-page-Introduction letter only appealed to egotism and vanity of which I do not possess. (I do feel you will give me that manual anyway.) I look forward to meeting you at some place and time.
    I am, Sincerely,
    Your Universal Mystic, Christine

  26. Marjorie Woodley says:

    I am really enjoying reading the manuscripts, They are packed full of knowledge. I have learned more than I ever did at school. Very grateful for the invitation to be a part of the society, and very excited to learn all I can. It is going to be a wonderful journey. Thank You Marjorie Woodley


    YOUR current Big Picture is still growing, collecting pieces and also incomplete.
    I walked into the woods yesterday channeling information telling me you link me into those in Hollywood seeking inner truths who will embrace –finishing the story behind WHAT THE BLEEP—Down the RABBIT HOLE through their own internal EXISTENTIALISM.

  28. Jose Vargas says:

    Hi Mr. Mark Hamilton, thank you for the invitation is a privilege for me to join the Neothink Secret. I’m reading and absorbing pieces of knowledge from these super increbles books.
    Now I’m very interested in the program because I want it free from the world of the mass, and be the person that I suppose to be and grows with the real knowledge to be living real life.
    Looking to meet you,
    Jose Vargas


    Hello, I have read many of the comments on this webpage written by new members who sound unsure as I was. After reading the first Heirloom book, after categorizing the 2nd one as a reference manual and the 3 one left me wanting more, I have begun rereading the 1st Heirloom. I would have loved a good table of contents (TOC) so I started that project that I will post below. I feel our futures will demand efficiency. Now, Minds on this planet require focus, which a good Table of Contents helps the mind with as well as assimilate information. Task accomplished. Why don’t we all take on this small task of giving this Heirloom a good TOC? The first 20 chapters are done. Note: there are 3 choices for chapter 1:
    NEOTHINK SUPERPUZZLE Table of Contents
    1—either Miss Annabelle Barclays, Duncan School or Threads of Genius
    2—Principle Burke’s Revenge
    3—Kid’s Lunch Guest
    4—The Emergency Meeting
    5—Something More to Life
    6—Matrix of Illusions
    7—Twelve Visits
    8—Bureaucratic Poison
    9—Political Rage
    10—either Value Marketing or Mini-Days
    11—ALL Realities Are an Illusion
    12—A Budding Romance
    13—Thunderous Applause
    14—Man’s Evolutionary Jump
    15—Skeleton in the Closet
    16—Value Destroyers
    17—A Plausibility
    18—Breakthrough News
    19—The Snap-Togethers
    20—Value Reflection
    Part 2—Separation
    Chapters 21 through 28
    Part 3—Reunion
    Chapters 29 through 33
    Part 1—Oval Office
    Chapters 34 through 57
    Part 2—Street Fight in D.C.
    Chapters 58 through 70
    Part 3—The Race for Life
    Chapters 71 through 87
    Part 1—The Last One to Die
    Chapters 88 through105
    Part 2—The Reach Beyond
    Chapters 106 through 117
    Part 3—Becoming Zons
    Chapters 118 through 124 plus Epilogue

  30. Kathy Wilkins says:

    Dear Mark, Thank you for the invite . I’m very excited to learn more about how I can get my motivation and excitement back in my life. I read your manuscripts and I just can’t believe how much of your advice I have done long before I received your manuscripts . I’m so pleased to know that I may have been somewhat on the right track in my life. Due to some heath issues I have had to make a lot of changes in life the past few years. I’m now in a rut job that is making my health worse, and financial bind so I can’t seem to find my Friday night essence now that I’m unable to physically do what I used to be able to do. I’m hoping to find the answers to a new essence that give me back my childhood happiness. I’m very convinced that I will find it in your advice. I’m on my third manuscript and feeling confident that my life will have a turnaround for All that is good. Any advice on a new essence would be so gratefully appreciated . Happy to be a member of the neothink . Thanks again! Kathy wilkins

  31. Emilio DelaPaz says:

    I need to read both my first and second book to cope up with your level will you please bear with me as I catch up?

  32. Jeanni Fields says:

    The meeting tonight was OUTSTANDING!!!!!! I have found what I have been searching for my whole life!!!! It is my FNE !!!!! I am so excited and fired up
    I can’t wait to get started. I also have been searching for a clubhouse near me.
    There is none and so it must be pre-determined that I need to start a clubhouse
    here. Other than starting a new clubhouse and spreading the word about our Society. I have a wonderful feeling about the beautiful world that we are going
    to bring into this anti-civilization place we are living in. I can’t wait to
    get moving towards our final goal!!!!! Can I hear a HooRah?????

  33. Muriel Hopkins says:

    I am a brand new member. I am surprised that I was chosen to join this elite group. I am having difficulty knowing what my Friday Night essence is or what I should be doing. I currently working part-time as a RN in a long term care facility. I don’t know how to implement creating values at my job. Please help

  34. Teresa says:

    I am new to the family. I am reading all my manuscripts. I am trying to activate my first meeting. I am very excited about the meeting. I am in need of my log in information. Please help me. I thank you.

  35. Lashellia Brown says:

    Hello! Mr. Hamilton, it is great and a honor to meet you. I really do not know what to say or where to start but to send you this message because right now I am lost and I am trying to figure everything out.

  36. Matthew Loeser says:

    I am a framer by trade, and have been trying to power approach my days and to utilize the mini day concept. I have noticed improvement in the flow of my physical movements. I also noticed that when power thinking my projects, I come to solutions faster, therefore completing those projects faster and without extra expenses. Last night, it dawned on me that instead of setting up my mini day for the day, I have to set it up according to my next responsibility in building a house. It seems I am on course with what I’ve read to date.
    Thank you Mark.

  37. Gary Johnson says:

    Welcome Mr. Hamilton into my life! Am looking forward to a prosperous relationship! To be perfectly frank Mark, I still remain somewhat skeptical but after all my years on this earth, I realize opportunities can and have opened at any time, from any place, from any source, and unless proven otherwise, my mind remains a blank slate to this potential success!

    Thank You,

    Gary Johnson

  38. Robert Spaw says:

    Hello Mark Hamiton . Ive been reading your books since the 90s, ive been out of touch with you and your writings but own many of your books. So what im interested in is getting back into your society and whats goings on. If you could send me something to which i need to get started again and see where to go from there. Im sure if you are able to look back with my name and the years then you will reconize me and help start me again. Well thank you for your time and i look to hear from you soon. Robert Spaw

  39. Jacques Henri Bien Aime says:

    Hello I am trying to send message about the last Thursday conference, I will still use my caption phone to participate at te 8:00 O’clock meeting but I need to remind that last Thursday I had miss part of the conference due to the caption kept on stop and was not able to contact anyone. So it is not a complaint I just trying to notified that I am an implant user and the best way to participate at the conference is with my regular caption phone. I need to speak about the next September – I need to speak with the mentor about for me to decide to take part of the conference Thank You
    Jacques Henri Bien Aime.

  40. sharon r beckey says:

    Mark I have just finished your book. I can’t wait to go to the secret meetings. I look forward to the next levels of reading.

  41. Robert Moir says:

    Mark now have prime wealth book its getting better to understand hoping to go on cyberspace will need to get better computer will get back to you. kind regards Bob Moir

  42. Robert Seybold says:

    Robert Seybold
    I want to thank Mark Hamilton for the invitation to join the NeoThink Soc.

    I have almost finished the third book and am very interested in the program.

    can I assume that I have to work thru the program in the order that it was presented to get the full meaning out of it? I shall need your help with this as it is a whole new concept to me. I cannot remember what my Friday-Night Essence was. Thank you.

  43. Jerrad Brunette says:

    Thank you Mark so much for the invitation. I’ll start by saying you have the right guy. Somehow I knew this was coming just wasn’t sure what it was. For several years i’ve been living off grid because I’m fed up and can no longer go along with a society I know is destroying our planet. My research over the past few years has provided me with visions very similar to yours. However, I live on a very limited income. I quit working a regular job to live self sufficiently. I get my family through the winter by cutting and selling firewood, and pick up a few odd jobs during the summer to meet our needs. I pawned my rifle for the money to purchase the first book, and have been barely able to purchase the others. I am currently reading the fourth book. I truly want to be a part of the Society, and I believe in what you are trying to accomplish. I just need some help to come up with the money for membership fees, and the next book. I am out of resources and have no way to continue. If there is any way you can please help, I have no doubt that I have a lot to offer.

  44. Jerry Duren says:

    Thank you so very much Mr. Hamilton for your Neothink jewels. I have read the first manscript and and have read about an 1/3 of the 2nd mansriipt. They have so much fabulous knowledge that it really makes me emotional.

  45. Phyllis Evelyn says:

    The challenge of transfering from serious embedment in mysticism to Neothink engagement is challengin. Manuscript I is valuable to me as I set out on a new path of essence and play with eCommerce retail endeavors. {No bosses beyond myself.} The pattern of work by energy patterns is most helpful as i have always patterned by necessity before. This is far more powerful and efficient, appreciate your mentorship.

  46. Christina Tedrow says:

    I have read the first book, I thought it was a real page turner. I’m working on the second book. I’m starting to see how much I was used at my previous workplace. I’ve never been promoted at any of my places of employment, I was always stuck in positions no one wanted to do. I’m ready to get a job that I can be proud of.

  47. Guy Bellanton says:

    Guy Bellanton says:
    May 04 2019

    Thank you Mark for selecting me to be a member of the Neothink society I am so grateful and exited after I read my first letter.I know it was something that I could
    handle easily.Unfortunately at my age 81 yrs. old retired, a low income recipient with
    several physical problems:eyes,hearings,back and knees (can not walk properly.I recei-
    ved 3 books heirloom package one after the other.Start to read(can not read that much)
    few weeks 4 more books.I am worried,I do not think I will make it.I wish there is a way to help older people with disabilities if it is possible.Thanks M H and F W

  48. Larry Sandvick says:

    Hello Mark, I am very interested in starting a clubhouse in Wyoming. Assistance would be beneficial to all.

  49. Timothy Thompson says:

    Hi Mr. Hamilton,

    I think it is as you described it – unimaginable, yet thought provoking and interesting. I am reading the three heirloom manuscripts and and a fourth and fifth book, Teachings, and Neo-Tech. A bit overwhelming! Like cramming three years of college in a few months.
    My home is not secure because of frequent (monthly almost) burglary and vandalism and I am still no closer to catching the criminals than I was two years ago. I take the manuscripts with me everywhere I go to keep them from falling into the wrong hands.
    Well, I better crack one or two of these books open.

    Looking forward to next months meeting,

    Timothy Thompson
    Endicott, Washington

  50. jeanne laurin crawford says:

    Oh Mark; by the way; my daughter Clarlynda is having a cathorization done on her heart tommarrow 4/1 /2019..morning at st.James hospital in Butte Mt.. May the Universe be in her favor … May all please send health for her to the Universe.. Just like a moment of prayer.. Is there NEO THINK DOCTORS HERE IN MONTANA? A OVER SEER MAYBE.. IN CASE OF COMPLICATIONS??? YOUR HEIRLOOMS SAY TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES FIRST; THEN OTHERS…and bring good values to others…thanks again…. Jeanne’…

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