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Level 12 Meeting

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Mark Hamilton Level 12Level Twelve points the world-wide Neothink® juggernaut straight toward . . . (I will reveal this when our first wave of apprentices moves onto Level Twelve.)

….you learn how to play as an adult. By discovering value creation, stagnation quickly gets replaced with exhilaration, and the child of the past returns. Your life leaps to a new level as you tap your deepest motivational root through discovering your Friday-Night Essence.
Meeting Orientation

Attending Mark Hamilton’s Master Apprentice Meetings is a three-step process. First, click on the link below to view your meeting, Step 1. Then, following the meeting, come back to this page and click on the Post Level Meeting Wrap Up video, Step 2. Finally, Step 3, click on the link that will take you to Mr. Hamilton’s Meetings Integrations Page where he requests that you leave an integration, a statement or question about the meeting you just viewed. Mr. Hamilton will review your integration to gauge your progress through his Master Apprentice Meeting Series. So, now let’s begin by clicking Step 1:

Step 1:
Level 12 Part 1

Level 12 Part 2

Level 12 Part 3

Level 12 Part 4

Level 12 Part 5

Step 2:

Post Level 12 with Ryan Williams and Steve Fagan

Step 3:

Click HERE to Enter Your Integration about the Meeting you just attended.

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41 Responses to “Level 12 Meeting”
  1. Margee says:

    Having finished the Level 12 reaching mentor level, I want to thank you!

    I have sent notes to my mentors in different levels, but I never found the mentor comments section!!! So, without this information, I have been missing a big piece of my mentor education.

    Marge Smith

  2. Joe G. Green says:

    Neothink is a different way of thinking !
    I have said this with people I know, but limit how and what I say !
    TVP Party is a big draw for all that are fed up with current government system.
    Don’t know where my local clubhouse is ???


  3. Kristina K says:

    Hello Mark, I went through my last dnots “crisis” phase in my early 40s, one of many actually after experiencing child trauma of varying degrees. I was led by my intuition of which I mostly ignored up until that point to heal my inner child. It also led me to many practices, like getting my body alkaline, detoxing my mind/body, exercising creativity, practicing gratitude, grounding in the Earth during certain times of which I only found out later were specific moon cycles and doing other things that excited me as a child. I began to feel alive again. I was done living for others. I had a mystical experience with the Christ dying on the cross or shall I say the dying ego within. I was then led to read the Bible the 7th time I read it because I read it 6 times as a kid in the JW religion. But it was my first time reading it in full as an adult. I was born 331 into Christianity on a Good Friday into a dysfunctional Catholic home which morphed into a Jehovah’s Witness experience. Due to my childhood experience, I left religion in my teens and 20’s but eventually married a Catholic man and entered back into the RCC ironically confirmed on Easter Sunday also on my bday 331. After 20 years of no real spiritual growth in the rote ritual and traditions, I went within. I was so upset with the state of the world, the hypocrisy and sin of the church shepherds, lukewarm Christians, all the darkness in places of power and the destruction on this planet. I was so upset at how religious people treated one another especially those whom I love. I won’t get into all the details, but it culminated in my spiritual awakening. I was working on manifesting a dream of mine of creating a healing center in nature helping people heal their inner child. I was told manifestation apparently is my gift according to a chart reading. I stepped into this spiritual power I had no idea was even possible. However, the power has regressed due to my intellect needing to understand what it was. Then not trusting the inner voice again. I got no support from my husband or priest. We are just kids playing in a big sandbox with egos. I am still in a negative situation. Then I got your red, white and blue invitation. You have been sending me these letters every 10 years of my adult life since my 30’s no matter where I live. Your books are encoded for awakening our right brain and imagination, I can tell by reading so far 1/3 of the way into the first book. I believe the Bible is as well. If we believe that is. This is how the epigenetic changes occur within our cells. I had my awakening the evening I finished the Book of Jude before Revelation which I believe explains Christ Consciousness. For the first time in my life, I actually believe I was loved by a higher power. We have to believe it to receive it just like Jesus said. Jesus also is at the right hand of God is the right brain. Bill Donohue has great lectures on YouTube about it and a site called He is Gnostic. Yours seem to be a more modern form of it. I have not ordered the 2nd book yet despite getting a reminder to purchase it. We are entering the Age of Aquarius and we will evolve or die as they say. I just want to say thank you for trying to help change humanities consciousness toward shaking up their stagnation and co-creating a better world so that each one of us can become our light within. This is the only way to bring fulfillment, peace and unity in the world. Peace.

  4. Patrick & Terri Rasmusson says:

    Write some notes down and lower the gas prices

  5. Jean Simmons says:

    I feel exhilarated to be where I am today, doing what I want to do for myself, my family, my country and for you, Mark Hamilton. I am proud to have come this far in Neothink. I hope that what I have learned, and my desire to put my knowledge to work to teach others, can be accomplished on the way to freedom and honesty for all. Even the poor. I am eager to see a world of love and happiness. I well know that there will be difficult times as we make the changes we want so badly. But you have worked hard to make value creators out of us, and we will not let you down. I look forward to the future and thank you for giving me the opportunity to make you proud of this new mentor. And if I have duplicated something, maybe it needs to be said twice. I speak from my heart.

  6. Jean Simmons says:

    I feel exhilarated to be where I am today, doing what I want to do for myself, my family, my country and for you, Mark Hamilton. I am proud to have come this far in Neothink. I hope that what I have learned, and my desire to put my knowledge to work to teach others, can be accomplished on the way to freedom and honesty for all. Even the poor. I am eager to see a world of love and happiness. I well know that there will be difficult times as we make the changes we want so badly. But you have worked hard to make value creators out of us, and we will not let you down. I look forward to the future and thank you for giving me the opportunity to make you proud of this new mentor.

  7. errol coe says:

    I was a member back in august 2009, I lost time in learning and growing in your society. I have tried to start from the beginning again. The site will not let me start from the beginning so that I can work and build whatever time I have left to begin to play as an adult. Was even though i can get on the website I can’t login and begin my training a new. I want to right my life which i feel has take a hit from not being able to complete this course. I letter was sent to me to start this journey again so i am almost finished book number 2. number 3 just revived and the letter to come on this site came in the mail so i am working on improving my life now and I need access to your site to complete this task. I would appreciate any help you could give me with regard to this issue Mark.

  8. Esteban Murillo says:

    Yes I try, and comprehend thank you. Well I understand where it might be difficult thanks. For example happiness could be where i think their is already everything. When I have time I might review, and see the meetings again, also read. Friend ship is great, and family is more important create value.

  9. Alicia says:

    Thank you Mr. Mark Hamilton for this Level 12 Essence Meeting! It was inspiring, added an extra spring in my step! Loved it! Looking forward to what happens/new integrations/levels of creativity after this Level 12 achievement as my never ending Neothink/Neo-Tech journey continues. Again, thank you so very much!

  10. Celina Grisales says:

    Sorry, I am having personal issues since February until early May. However, I finish the 12 meeting almost a month ago. Since then I had done nothing.
    Now, I want to know what is next. I am trying to update myself re-listening this level material and I am getting ready to re-connect with my fellow apprentices and with the Neothink Society and present obligations, one of them re-reading the literature.
    It is very pleasant for me to have attending all of the 12 enriching meetings and I am so grateful that I was selected to attend them.
    I want to know where I should continue besides the literature.
    I had received too much. Now is the time to start giving back.

  11. Robert McCauley says:

    Thanks MH, for my final meeting #12 which means on some level I am a mentor.
    What that means to me is I have work to do mainly on myself and those nearby who see the change in me will want to know more about what I am doing.
    Strangely, I at this point in my life hardly feel like a mentor.
    This I realize is due to 63 years of indoctrination in the ac.
    The ac bubble will be replaced by the C of U, so now it is time to prepare oneself.
    No one is going to make me do anything to get ready as it starts with numeral 0ne.
    I look around and see a world full of insanity masquerading like it is civilized and those who are external leaders to ourselves will tell us we live in a insane world.
    All of us living in this anti-civilization give Political leaders the platform they need to stay in power and they are grateful when re-elected so they can increase taxes and self power seeking under the guise of looking out for little guy.
    We can not end external rule by doling out responsibilities to the political elite and then becoming angry when they forget us and do their own bidding.
    The Prime Law when enacted must be adhered to by all, which will lead to no need for external leadership and frankly I must be my own example.
    In time I hope to be honestly free, something I never had only thought it was mines!
    With respect to the economy MH in your manuscripts we’ve been warned that as our national debt continues to pile up there will be a major catastrophic failure of the economy.
    This is more physics than anything else and may hit us at a time when many are not prepared.
    The shear weight carried around on our backs will one day break our backs.
    If people think things are bad now the time may come when many will say these were the good times!
    Thanks again Prime Mentor,
    R.D. McCauley mentor at large:

  12. Robert Moir says:

    Mark I would like to be like digger and build round tables over Scotland and the uk I have been reading the books for over 30 years I am not as clever as digger but it is time I took over and trumped politics and religion Kindest Regards Bob M. number 12

  13. Scott C. says:

    To develop a new society requires an extremely high level of consciousness, ambition, and passion. Great study of the prime literature is required. The mental shift must occur to oneself which also requires a high level of consciousness and great study. To listen closely to our mentors is a must. To become a mentor requires great study of the prime literature, ambition, passion, and a higher level of consciousness. This entire process is not simple and it requires time to have the ability to understand the prime literature. To remove the anti-civilization from power requires knowing everything in these manuscripts, everything. Then to move ahead to apply the prime literature into action would require another mental leap into another higher level of consciousness. Amazing all of this, to never be the same, would be considered a fact. I continue to pursue and to search to learn the prime literature. I also search to learn of the order of the anti-civilization. Thank You, Scott C.

  14. joe woods says:

    Love the neothink secrets society

  15. M. Devoe says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton again for these wonderful lessons. I plan to continue learning and put them to good use.

  16. philip munger says:

    hi Mark , lately i have been extremely focused on our nightmare around us and the warnings GOD is giving the world to stop or die which comes downs to us and our need for a quicker response for helping this stupid planet of idiots i try to do all i can ,but i have nothing but my strong will to help and keep things for our children to see when they grow THEY ARE SMALL DON’T THEY DESERVE TO SEE A FUTURE OF PROGRESS AND BEAUTY AROUND THEM RATHER THAN A PLANET WITH NO MONEY AND IN RUINS THAT’S NOT FAIR TO OUR FUTURE CHILDREN IS IT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Scott Camp says:

    I am keeping this here and not on peoplepedia. I had purchased two recent videos. Agenda Illuminati and World Ruled By Evil. Today I am sending out an order for two books. Hidden Agenda and Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks, And Secret Sorcery. I have about a dozen Secret Society videos and added to that thousands of hours of Hitler, Stalin, and the rest of them. This is big, real big. Why did I purchase this material ? The answer is that I must know everything, everything about them. The Betty Boop cartoon, The Old Man Of The Mountain and the song by Cab Calloway is connected to the hidden secrets of the world. To be part of The Neo-Think Society is very special, indeed. Yes, I know of the risks to one’s well being while stepping into this massive web of the current day world wide rule of order. I have to do this, that is why I am here. I have a lot of work to do to prepare for what is to come, which is to read and to study the Neo-Think literature over and over and day after day. The only way that I can rise is through my own individualism, and please also remember that I and other people are searchers and that requires individualism to each one-self. Then once all of us individualists get together, imagine the results, with the guidance of Mr. Hamilton and the rules that have set forth by the Society. Well, Thanks Again, Scott Camp.

  18. Scott Camp says:

    This just came to me. I remember reading in one of the Frank R. Wallace Manuscripts about breaking the illuminati code. That is what this is. To break away from this mentality that they force us to live in. This is why this is the most feared and the most powerful society in the world. We have the tools to remove them from power. All things that they put before us is an illusion. To keep us under their control. The Neo-Tech and The Neo-Think Manuscripts are worth millions and billions of dollars that are only backed by silver and gold. I could go on and on, but I must go to sleep because I have to go to work tonight. Thank You once again, Scott V. Camp.

  19. Scott Camp says:

    It has been almost two years since I had brought my step daughter and her young teen agers into my home. I had brought them here to weather the up coming storm of economic and financial disaster. The amount of misguidance, mysticism, dis-honesties, and laziness is well beyond all measure. Every thing that I had taught them in the past had completely vanished. Today I apply some techniques that I had learned from the Society. It has become successful in many small ways. The mom is so bull headed and so negative to the point that she becomes defensive. Which is good, actually. I will speak verbally and I will leave notes on the countertop before I leave to go to work. There are subtle changes, I will hear the words that I leave behind from my notes. I know that I can break through to them. When I break through to the mom to change her mentality, then I could break others. Like I said she is one tough bull headed lady, but when reality eventually sets in, then she will turn around. She knows what has to be done, but she first must apply the efforts that are involved. To be a Mentor is a big thing, there can be no mistakes. Well, it is after 2:00 am C.S.T. Thank You ever so much, Scott Camp.

  20. Bryan says:

    Whats the next stage, I have new industries to create, looking for co-collaborators on my projects, thanks Mark

  21. jess says:

    on the subject of searchers; how about admiral byrd, what are your thoughts on the supposed map that was found said to been put in a japanese cave to be hidden from the chinese mafia over ten centuries ago…
    i would love to be able to talk to you mark about such things…

  22. Urban Garrett says:

    This level 12 was very inlightening I need to find A club house in my
    area to be able to meet face to face with other members.

  23. Daniel Span says:

    Wow.. Level 12 meeting was absolutely mind blowing..

  24. Ferdinand Fueller says:

    Hi Mark Hamilton.
    It has been a while since I said anything.
    My busy schedule dead allow me to go to the 2015 Neothink Face to the World Summit. Steve Fagen ,Charlie More and many others did a wonderful job. It was very educational and encouraging to be with people that have the sane goals. There was an interest of wanting to know why Mark Hamilton was not at the Face to the World Summit.
    May I call you by your first name, Mark you and your father are our leader for the 12 vision world. When I was in the Army I had the responsibility of leading people because I was a sergeant.
    Mark we need you to lead us.
    Perhaps in the near future you and I could talk about the future of the
    12 vision world.
    Yours truly always.
    Ferdinand Fueller (Fred)

  25. Daniel González says:

    LEVEL 12 I am here for second time.
    Now my feeling are like a “Readinator”, after read 8023 pages (more than ones) of Neotech®-Neothink® Literature.
    Now I fine another level. is time to going to for my Master.
    Thank you Mr. Hamilton.
    “Leaders are always readers”.
    Love you all of you Daniel Gonzalez.

  26. Dana Gregory says:

    Greetings Mark Hamilton,

    I am a stubborn student……(lol) alright..!!!.. I come with junk but your system has worked for me. It tore me down because I wanted to be torn down to break my chaology system into the base of real unconditional love. My break down has not been very successful but I am doing my best in becoming the born leader. I wanted to make sure two things, if I could trust this system and if I could manage through it. This was the challenge and you allowed me to challenge it. I trust it with all my being now. So, when I trust something and believe in something. My passion is my higher force. I just hope i can fill this spot in your society and bring in a huge crowd of forever dreamers and doers.

    So, here is a small taste in what I was thinking in regards to a slogan and how I could bring them inside of the society.

    Please let me know what you think



    Start your engine!

    Let me explain what the “Driver 4 Life” means in the Neothink Society.We are the driving force for the pulling effect for life on this planet. The driver 4 life is you and we want to bring you into this society, so you can start your engine with whom you were meant to be in life. This driver’s wheel can be the long lasting effect that will spiral down to your friends, family, children and even your grandchildren.When you open up your own car door and sit in your seat and begin to start your engine. You will become a “Driver 4 Life” and you will always be the driving force for life. We the Neothink Society will be the engine that will spark “Ever Lasting Life” with your own personal key to start your own vehicle which means that life can exist with our own driving force within life.

    We the Neothink Society is driven for you and your own vehicle and the process it takes to maintain your personal engine power.Let me take this a step a little further and personally walk you through the front door of the Neothink Society. The sparks will fly when the TvP movement is driven in the fifth gear but what we need is you the “Driver’s 4 life”, so we all can steer government policies in the right direction and move broken cars or laws out of the way, so we can all live as Healthy and wealthy millionaires.

    Come with us and steer your vehicle with us and inspire the endless engine in life.

  27. Dana Gregory says:

    Greetings Mark,

    This 12 month process was well worth it. Thank you for seeing my inner child cries for wanting out and helping me achieve so much in this society. This pain has been locked for years and I have been breaking it down in the emotional steps and with this new information. I have broke free from so much internal pain and I do not know what to say because it goes so deep internally inside of me. Thank you just seems to just scratch the surface of the top layer, when I first came in. These 12 months have been hard in the since of emotionally growing but it means more to me then money.

    To actually give these precious gifts to me on so many levels. I just do not know what to say ” I’m speechless in the word of giving.

    To know you could have charged me so much in this society for the books…I cry just thinking of what you give and what you gave to me.

    I cry for the thoughts of you father Especially your father.

    I know what you mean now that I have a lot of responsibility to do in this life and some of these things. I just don’t know if I want too because these people are mean. I saw things …. I mean bad things that they do on this earth. and the pain these evil and mean people do to these children, women, and even men.

    I am working on this strength to embrace it and the deep aspects of love. I know now it was self-love missing in my life.

  28. Louise Crenshaw says:

    Thank you Mark Hamiliton, you have really turned my life around. I am a 73 years young female. I am now more loving, forging, and honest. I also am currently speaking to a friend I have not spoken to in 20+ years. All thanks to the tools you’ve armed me with. Thank you for committing your life to making the world a better place, for caring for the needs of others before your own, for being at the front line of the army in the war against pain and suffering. I am very much interested in becoming a mentor and opening a monthly congregation and or clubhouse in my local neighborhood. May you please contact me at your earliest convenience in reference to this request. May you always be protected and shielded from harms way. I love you all.

  29. Cameron Windom says:

    Hey Mark Hamilton!! I just want to say thank you,I am ready to take on that role of mentorship and ready to take on the TVP, starting in California. However, I will be contacting Steve Fagan to reinstate my neotechsociety A team website. I am ready again and will be making my mentor presentation soon> Thanks again MH, its only the beginning.

  30. Acaro Ward says:

    Dear…King..Mark Hamilton.
    I can’t stress this enough…Thank you for this Remarkable journey!!.
    Me as a Apprentice!..All levels were truly amazing!!!.
    Becoming A Mentor..Can be over..Overwhelming!..But that is just one of my indicators of living!!!.
    Let’s just say you are not nervous you’re not alive..sorta speak!.
    Indicators Play a Major Role in everyone’s Life!!!.

    This is why i need to in..Pregnant myself..With the Super Puzzle Pieces!!!.

    You spoke about Patience…Indeed patience is key timing and disappoint..Thought and Control !!.

    One more thing i would like to Add…I truly enjoy Mr Steve Fagan And Mr Ryan Williams. Thank you..Wonderful Men’s for your support!!.

    King..Mark Hamilton..Again thank you for all Levels!!!!.
    Level 12 Remarkable , Amazing!!!.

    Truly your Apprentice!!!…Acaro W. 777..7777

  31. Art Runningbear says:

    Read the book about your family, wonderful book and still reading it, I love the attitude about caring for others. I was such a good doctor, I wish I could do more. I had to laugh because I was also in the Merchant Marines, it made me wonder if I ever ran into him because I was about the same age. It makes me grieve for my original FNE which I had to walk away from because of the suppression of healing. Still like your dad I have many ingenious ways of helping others to remove pain and suffering. I wish I could deliver this to the public. Do you know that we can even bring people back to life? after they have passed and considered dead. I have done this many times when asked by truly caring families.
    Thank you for the book

  32. christopher jenkins says:

    hey mark i finally got the big picture concerning this level,and i discovered my friday night there is lots of jobs id like to do.
    for instance, there is a deeper underlying issue, well…. when life throws you lemmons, make lemonade!!!
    my jobs will include…the diamond exchange,working witrh foster children as a high school teacher.also i can be a plumber,,working the graveyard shift at a flap jack factory(sausage rolled into Pancakes)or basicly cullenary arts,or filling potholes for the city as an automotive service technician, drug education assessment referal service-D.E.A.R.S.,im an eagle scout so i have my own stock broker capabilities,swiss watchmaker or watch repairman,working at the treasury filling gold and silver ingots,art institute,home owners association,(area 51 at the alien disposal unit, takeing care of children as a nanny,)i think the area 51 is the psychology training i have.i guess i can be a councilor or something, maybe a psychic.
    and afterall we are in trhe 51st congress as we a represenative to all republicans in my district. and have my name on 6 walls, for steven udvar hazy museum smithsonian institution, the reagan memorial wall,world war 2 museum,us army museum, tous,9-11 memorial,

  33. John scnarf says:

    Mark Hamilton,

    I am proud to be a part of the Neothink society. I have said it in the past and will say it again. I am a member of the League part of the fortunate few. I have read all of the aireloome books and am proud to be beginning a new experience in being a mentor, however my FNE covers a little known part in electricity and I am working successfully in this field. I and my teem will be providing a way of self sustaining without in place current technology. I have not subscribed to the Neothink web site because my money is tracked very close, also I would no longer be able to be a part of this grand plan to change the world. Most people might laugh when I say this but the only way for me to be a part, is to maintain absolute secrecy of what and who I am affiliated with to all the people that are around me. Thank you for everything that you have don for me Mark. I still am not quite sure how you found me but I am eternally grateful. I am using the principles in the books but still am a little un sure on how to implement some of the things that I have read.

  34. Scott Snider says:

    I have been a bit sidelined by a toe operation, I hope to be back again soon. Unfortunately I have gained a few pounds and need to exercise. I just love to listen to part 1 of part 12.

  35. rosa lerblance says:

    Mr. Hamilton, This Level 12 meetng was a welcome meeting for me. You advice and teach me how to be a mentor and a self leader. I am proud to have finished my studies now I can give something back to the Society for what you’ve done for me. I will remember the words end game!!! Intergrated thinking is what will get the new members on the same journey as me. I am in training for Member Services and am doing translation calls. It is one of my FNE’s. And you were right!!! Neothink knowledge is worth millions of dollars now I know what you meant. You have given me a new lease in life and am grateful to you for showing me how I want to live. I had some trouble listening to part 4 and 5. I could hear you talking but couln’t make out the words. Is there any way I could listen to parts 4 and 5 without the noise. Thank You Sir, for teaching me your knowledge. I will hand the information down to my kids and grandkids. I Love You Rosa Lerblance

  36. Donna Erickson says:

    Thank you…Donna Erickson

  37. Louise Crenshaw says:

    thank you so much Mark I all ways dreame of being a teacher when I was a litter girl now my time have come thank you again

  38. Louise Crenshaw says:

    thank you Mark you open my eyes and mind I choose my god way I choose love and truth my god truth that is and I no the harvest I will reap in the future thank you again Mark

  39. Allan Blanco says:

    Thank You Mark for giving me the tools to pull myself up by my bootstraps out of the anticivilization!!
    -Allan Angel Blanco

  40. Allan Blanco says:

    Mark the society is over 100 generations old before you mr. Hamilton who was the face of the prime literature. How do I do this sometimes honesty can be hard . Im learning to control my temper.when the society was around during the fall of the Roman empire rise of Christianity oppression did the society go underground? Thank you mr. Hamilton
    Hi My name is Allan Neo-tech & Neothink has changed my life.

  41. Scott Snider says:

    I have been working on putting this in practice in the real world situations and I do that by gaming in a casino. I have been thinking (neothinking) ideas, some are showing signs of working, some additions and input are needed, but I had a great big smile the third time when it worked wonderfully and beyond belief. I had made a small mistake the first 2 times and the 4th, but I am very excited about it. Go toward the light my friends, go to the light of consciousness.

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