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Meet Your Mentor

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A Synopsis

The First Leg – Levels One through Three – Getting Ready
Level One opens the door to the person you were meant to be as you learn how to play as an adult. By discovering value creation, stagnation quickly gets replaced with exhilaration, and the child of the past returns. Your life leaps to a new level as you tap your deepest motivational root through discovering your Friday-Night Essence.

Level Two reveals the highly-guarded Neothink® SOS hidden secret, the coveted Ten-Second Miracle. The Ten-Second Miracle provides you with another powerful path to value creation – to the life you were meant to live. Indeed, the creation-driven life is what the human mind is supposed to experience; value creation brings values to society and pride and happiness to oneself . . . and is the answer to the often-asked question, “What is the meaning of life?” Your Friday-Night Essence and the Ten-Second Miracle are two powerful secrets to value creation.

Level Three unveils how and why you were chosen to join the Society of Secrets now the Neothink® Society. You also learn our highly-guarded Neothink® Marketing Secret. That meeting teaches you about the Forces of Nature and the Forces of Neothink®…and the powerful marketing forces of both. It also explains how common denominators can be used to pull forth those powerful marketing forces. Our highly-guarded Neothink® Marketing Secret prepares you for the next leg of the journey.

The Second Leg – Levels Four through Six – Forming Entities

Note: When I disclosed this secret information, I believed we would bring in the public through a network marketing approach. However, as I pursued the legal ramifications of network marketing over the course of this second leg, I finally decided not to take that risky approach with something so important as our goal to change the world. Keep in mind, while listening to the Levels Four, Five, and Six meetings, the network marketing approach will NOT be pursued after all, however the integrations and ideas still hold true. In fact, those apprentices forming A-Teams NOW still sit on top of a burgeoning and unstoppable movement that will grow very large. The concepts all still apply as we stay with our secret division-of-essence Neothink® Marketing Structure as found in your first Heirloom Package and forego network marketing. In the long run, our marketing approach will far surpass and outlast network marketing. Now, let us take a look at the second leg of your journey, forming local Neothink®SOS Society Chapters:

Level Four introduces the concept of taking the secret society, for the first time, to the public. The ideas of local Neothink® Clubhouses, local meetings, even a local political movement are introduced. The approach is to still keep our secrets within our society, but to now invite quality people at large into our newly named Neothink® Society of Secrets. We are transitioning form a Secret Society to a Neothink® Society of Secrets.

Level Five goes through, in detail, the three meetings to be held in the newly forming Neothink® SOS Clubhouses, as follows: the Introduction Meetings, the Workshop Meetings, and the Clubhouse Meetings. Level Five also goes into detail about the development of a new political movement now named the Twelve Visions Party.

Level Six solidifies the structure of the new entities, the newly forming local Neothink® SOS Chapters, the internal workings, the applications. In this meeting, the “marketing machine is complete” and is ready to move forward.

The Third Leg – Levels Seven through Nine – Moving Forward

Level Seven identifies the two pillars holding up the anticivilization – politics and religion. This historic meeting delivers a plan to trump those two pillars through our Neothink® Society of Secrets in order to peacefully take down the anticivilization.

Level Eight presents the big picture. In your eighth month, you will see the major movements that will come out of the Neothink® Society of Secrets. You will see the coming Twelve-Visions World. In this world, people live with great wealth, health, and peace. They are happy, exhilarated, in love, and looking for eternal life.

Level Nine releases the specifics on the first of several major movements to come out of the burgeoning Neothink® Society of Secrets. This first major movement is the political movement designed to trump politics and begin to take down the anticivilization. The Neothink® Society of Secrets, from within its Tier Two, will spread its first major movement across the country, and then the world. (Correction: In Level Nine, I misspoke, accidently saying “the eighty to a hundred-million votes needed to win a presidential election.” Note that I meant to say “the winning percentage of eighty to a hundred-million votes needed to win a presidential election.”)

The Fourth Leg – Levels Ten through Twelve – Engaging Public

Level Ten prepares apprentices for mentoring lower-level apprentices. Level-Ten Apprentices are now ready to put priceless values back into the Society of Secrets, including mentoring and helping lower-level apprentices. Level-Ten Apprentices are now openly invited, during the last leg of the journey, to bring their talents and skills into the Neothink®SOS to make it stronger. Becoming a value creator in the Neothink® SOS, living one’s Friday-Night Essence, is exhilarating beyond description. Just imagine seeing one’s own value creation moving forward the Neothink®SOS Goal, the Superpuzzle . . . you making a difference in the course of mankind. Level Ten also digs deeply into the new Twelve-Visions Government structure. For the first time, Mark Hamilton reveals integrated specifics behind a never-before-known government based on service rather than power, bringing to our planet a never-before-seen freedom paradigm and unprecedented wealth, health, and peace.

Level Eleven opens its arms to these high-level apprentices who finally experience their full human potential, unburied during this journey. Upon finally knowing their hidden abilities, these special apprentices in their final leg of the journey can finally know and access the persons they were meant to be. Level Eleven provides you with . . . (I will reveal this when our first wave of apprentices moves onto Level Eleven.)

Level Twelve points the world-wide Neothink® SOS juggernaut straight toward . . . (I will reveal this when our first wave of apprentices moves onto Level Twelve.)


762 Responses to “Meet Your Mentor”
  1. Michael E. Jaspan says:

    When opening “Your Meeting Levels” it shows:

    Level 01 Meeting
    Level 02 Meeting
    Level 04 Meeting . . .

    My question is what happened to the Level 03 Meeting?
    Can someone help me retrieve it?
    Please advise

    Thank you

  2. Howard Long says:

    Mark, In your last letter, your good friend indicated I was not doing well. He was right. About a couple of days later I had a stroke caused by a small blood clot that settled in my cerebellum. However, my brain doctor thought the clot may dissipate over time. The stroke has had only a small effect on my memory. However, a brain scan a few weeks earlier determined I was in the early stages of the big “D”. This was not what I wanted to know.
    When I started, my goal was to grow in the Society to get me a way of life that would permit me to help all my Girls (1-W 2-D, 4-GD & 2GD). Even with all my health issues over the last four years, that goal is still on track. My health issues over the last three years slowed me down but not stopped me.
    Two issues have come up when I missed two years of training from a mentor (you)? Can I make it up some way?
    Can I get the two manuscripts for those two years. I still have some brain and strength.

  3. Rafael G Barcia says:

    Hello Mark,

    I joined at your invitation in October/23. I have all my energies committed to this project. It took me a while to be informed that my account number begins with letter Z. Trivial as it is, I find confusing to attend to your conferences beginning with finding a voice for guidance. Your concept of value creation is deep in my mind and soul, with a dynamic of carrying me forward that is at a slow pace at this moment.
    Please help me to enjoy this transition at its fullest.
    My acc.# Z363440181. Email or regular mail is greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,

    R. Barcia, MD

  4. Tammy Rowling says:

    Hello Mark Hamilton,

    I am new to this Society and just anxious to get started on my level meetings but my login information will not work any suggestions?? I tried to re-register and changed information thinking that might help but it has not worked. Can you help with this issue or provide a process or someone I can talk to to fix login issue?

    Thank you,
    Tammy Rowling

  5. Diane E Tate says:

    I nined years ago and purchased 3 books.I barely got through the first book and everything in my life went negative and bad. I stopped reading and started trying to sort it all out. Years later I am wondering what happened?

  6. Martina Tuffli says:

    This is all new for me ! I just joined NEOTHINK AND AM EXCITED ABOUT IT !

    Looking forward meeting you all

  7. Robert Delgadillo says:

    i need help getting in mondays zoom 8184031665 help me!

  8. James Hays says:

    Hello Mark
    After reading the first book I was ready to go full bore. I have two Friday night essences, I would take the 18 again serum in a nanosecond if it were available. As for imortality I wish I could be imortal.
    I have a couple oj problems I need help with. I am 83yrs old and almost blind. I find it very difficult to read. I cannot drive. I am virtually housebound.
    I wish to help my soul mate who is seven years older than me to be young again. I also have a pet dog that is 15yrs old. Is there any way I can help her be young again?
    With my health being what it is, I don’t know if I have a year left.
    Helping my soul mate and pet is most important to me at this time.
    I qm so grateful to have been chosen tobe a member of the Society. I just hope that I can live up to your expectations of me.
    Thank you so much for your patience in listening to my story. Any help will be gratefully appreciated.

    Have a wonderful day
    Jim Hays

  9. Douglas Wheeler says:

    I’m will have total right knee replacement in about 2-3 weeks. After surgery I will be in rehab for about eight weeks.
    NOTE: am I still in the ball game?

    Member ID Number: Z353027568

    Thank you,
    Doug Wheeler

  10. John Cramer says:

    I’ve found my Friday night vision. I want to save the ocean’s creatures before
    humans wipe them out. I’ve gone so far as to purchase a web address:
    sealifesurvival.com. unfortunately, I do not know how to proceed from here. Do
    you have any direction for me.
    Never have I gone out on my own.
    Btw, I have a fairly famous artist, Silas Beach, working with me on creating
    a logo.

  11. Alan Martinez says:

    Thank u.

  12. Booker Sanders says:

    Mark, Booker Sanders, I have a question, when reading THE SECRETS, I got lost in defining Self-Leader Secret, could you shed just a little bit more light on it, I have another question stagnation trap and Integrated knowledge, could you go into more detail. Could you also explain specialization-trap. Thank-you

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