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Welcome to Your Secret Meetings Site

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Welcome to your own Secret Meetings Website. Each month, for the next 12 months, based on your account, you will have access to your personal next level.

Every thirty days your Secret Meeting level will automatically be advanced to the next level. You will find your levels in the right hand column section “Your Secret Meetings”.

Your Neothink® Society has, like any other great organization, been evolving, Neo-Tech, SOS, Society of Secrets are all discussed within your Secret Meetings. They all are now “Neothink®” and Your Neothink® Society”.

All of the information within your next 12 months of  Secret Meetings with your mentor, Mark Hamilton is presented in Flash format. Flash is todays most viewed format and functions with all computers and browsers. Please ensure that your Flash is upgraded to the latest version. You can check for FLASH updates here.

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Once again, Welcome to Your Secret Meetings. Enjoy your journey.


755 Responses to “Welcome to Your Secret Meetings Site”
  1. jeanne laurin crawford says:

    Mark respectively

    “I know only what I know”…What a complete thought this really is…Like saying “I Am That I Am” SAME REALITY…YOU BECOME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT…which is what we think about..”MOST OF THE TIME” Wonderful puzzle pieces right here; with these simple; but complicated sentences..To what really is.. Seeing for what is really there; or taking off the shaded colored glasses we have worn.. Being a leader of ourselves; not a follower blinded by false truth we’ve had driven in us by pears our entire life..We are yet but children seeking the truth.. Truth is in you Mark; as well as your Father found the truth; and you as my Mentor teaches truth..and these heirlooms set before us.. The Universe knows our truth’s.. Jesus said seek ye out the truth.. He was a thinker in all he said…Like your Father; in which he never gave up searching for truth..He gave us a kick-start..Now we need to ride the the road leading us to Freedom; only found in the truth; to what really is…Jeanne’

  2. Sean Craig says:

    I have both heirloom books. Great reads both of them. I am in the process of finishing the 2nd book now. In the literature that was sent to me before I decided to purchase both books there is mentioned some method or trick to never lose at any sort of gambling to include winning the lottery. In reading the books nothing is mentioned about such method or trick. Does it really exist and if not why does the literature make such a claim. If it does exist what is it? Please explain. Thank you. Sean

  3. Richard Davisson says:

    I am excited to learn the location, date and time for my first meeting. Also I am anxious to meet you, Mr Hamilton.I have completed reading the first manuscript and a bout half of the second . Last night I began Inner Circle Secrets. I plan to complete it before the first meeting as instructed.

    Richard {Deke} Davisson

  4. Ronald Bush says:

    I would like to offer my modest home as a meeting place for East Bay California as, apparently, there are currently no “Club Houses” in the SF Bay Area. I am am from Rico’s status in book one but it could be a start.

  5. Steven W. McGaw says:

    I am a senior citizen who has seen his prime years melt away in dead end jobs. What do I do now with my remaining years to bring about something of true worth… of value creation ?

  6. good day sir,
    for quit a long time we are in touch with each other i keep receiving letters from you .I have baught some of your books ,lately Received a letter to buy the second hand loom packet,as some of the banks do not release the amount i find it difficult to do the payment ,can you suggest any other method of payment,online so that it will be easy for me to do the payment.as i am already a member of the secret society.i want attend the inner circle meetings ,so let me know what i should do next.

  7. jeanne laurin crawford says:

    Qh Mark, by the way I purchased the League book…There’s so much to learn; I’m reaching out all the time for new knowledge..there is a craving within me that wants to know everything..it’s always has been there..as a young child the bible first started my thinking cap.. From then on Ive studied many a books, and your Dad’s book was on a shelf at a Catholic church for “free” it talked about God Man..The two brain network, etc, I twas hooked from then on…The I received the invitation small booklet you send out..That increased my wanting to know more..Then I bought the Nouveau Tech 3 packages.. Now the Neotech packages…Prime Discovery..Three thousand year old secret.. Read Laws of attraction, CD’S now the League; plus I’m buying all I can get my hands on.. or afford…You’ve opened my eyes..I learned years ago belief is everything.. I believe in what your Father was seeking..the “TRUTH”, AND THAT YOU BELIEVED ENOUGH TO FOLLOW HIS LEAD..Your like Christ,because we believe we can be healed; you are healed because you believe..He;Jesus said himself, our belief dose the healing.. So our mind is capable to heal, and defy death..”JUST BELIEVE” TO MOVE MOUNTAINS; OF THOUGHT THINKING.. WE USE SHOVELS, AND LARGE EQUIPMENT TO MOVE AROUND MOUNTAINS..OUR MINDS CREATED THE SHOVEL,CAR, PLANE,HEAVY EQUIPMENT TO WORK WITH.. JESUS FORETOLD THE FUTURE BY SAYING WE CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS..JESUS WAS A GOD WITH US..GOD MAN WALKING AMONG US..THANKS TO MARK WE CAN BE CHRIST LIKE..SEEK YE OUT KNOWLEDGE JESUS SAID.. MARK IS THAT KNOWLEDGE GIVER..AGAIN THINKING IS BELIEVING IN ONES SELF…read and learn to think all over again..JEANNE’

  8. jeanne laurin crawford says:


  9. jeanne laurin crawford says:




    Think! A rehearsal to reality
    Think of someone , and they’ll knock at your door.
    Premonition? Are we connected mentally?
    A magnet to the same frequency?
    Hair stands on the back of our necks;
    When we feel, a presence of danger lurking near.
    Saying the same things at the same time.
    Your reading my mind.
    Over looking whats really natural.
    We in fact should read each others minds.
    There’s just a glitch, of true reality coming through within us.
    We see because we open our eyes;
    Where by light flickers in.
    Millions of colors, forms appear, before our embryo eyes.
    Like a new born, we only see,
    Whats directly in front of us.
    Not knowing, but seeing, yet reality is there.
    We see, what we see, we know, what we know.
    We’re not a child no longer, but mimic as such.
    We imitate by seeing, and copy sounds we hear.
    Life is a rehearsal, A movie screen we build from.
    Seeing is believing? We see, we think, we reach out;
    We touch someone.
    Our every thought;
    Every second forms our future.
    We our indeed our own creators?
    We are our own ten second miracle…
    We Think! Jeanne’

  10. Mark.thought I’d share this thought of time,
    and mind reality; Energy follows thought patterns..
    This is a poem, but also my thoughts on your writings; and Father’s Neo technology..
    We become what we think about…so true…The Universe is forever watching us;
    as we seek it out. Like a shadow we see in different hues of reality..
    It follows us and stretches out before us ..
    .According to light, mixed with darkness;
    or a sunny day.. Sundown; but we see it..
    We are never alone; with the shadow it always was, and is there..
    Oh if the shadow could talk;??? Oh but it dose because it mimics our every move..
    Our movements tells our story.. As a child we think as a child..
    Once more what one see’s completes a whole picture..The
    whole Puzzle of pieces we snap together as on great big one..
    Thought is seeing the truth..a picture creating energy;
    creating reality to touch..The Universe wants us to open our minds
    to the real pictures before us; and put them together…creating our minds thoughts..Wnt to learn so much more…

    Time Omnipresent .

    Is time standing in the center of the Universe,
    where time is tranquil on parchment,
    stopped whereby eternity can pass it by.
    A perfect picture where time neither moves forward, or back.
    Omnipresent, know known beginning, or past,
    Alpha&Omega omnipresent, reality of our minds manifesting before us.
    Answer to time at last, face to face, starring back.
    The Image of all creation, on parchment
    that follows our every thought.
    We do become what we think about most of the time.
    Vibrating energy follows pictural thought.
    Picturalissime, time be we.
    All that is created, is from energy,
    and energy follows thought patterns.
    All is a equal mirror, reflecting each other,
    no space, or time, nor a image without energy.
    Again, thought becomes what we think about,
    causing electrical vibrations,
    creating a embryo manifestation
    into physical reality.
    Where by we can physically touch matter.

  11. Susan Keldie says:

    Hello Mark,
    I know my FNE is in helping people who need guidance in getting well after being diagnosed with cancer. i myself am on that confusing journey and will put this puzzle together inserting diet, mind/body/spirit, supplements, acupuncture, exercise and research. This will all come together, smaller versions have already come together for me, now I am talking about a CURE (it is doable), I will align myself with those in research, AI, technology, etc to effect change and progress. When the government agencies are replaced with individuals who create value and not obstruct progress then strides will be made towards irradiating illness, disease, aging and lead to longer lifespans. I look forward to meeting like-minded individuals.
    Thank you, Susan

  12. Mezel tyler says:

    Hello Mark how are you sir just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for you guys. letting me become part of your awesome team.

  13. Victor McDonald says:

    Hello Mentor Mark
    I like to first say thank you accepting me in the society.I have been
    super busy but have still made time to absorb 1 and a half of my 3 manuscript.Im 59yrs born and for the past 4yrs I have been raising a business child
    for men of domestic abuse.In Fact,that is the title.Men Of Domestic Abuse.Only after I read about miss Annabelle story in its entirety did I feel a connection and had to read further.I am now past book #1 and on to the creativity section, book #2.Its true I have found myself at my time of work,reaching for the manuscript just to read a few more pages for balance.As one of your new studies I have to tell you I cannot wait to see you in person.When I created M.O.D.A. I reached out for other men in destructive relationships to help them stay out of prison,To keep in contact with their children, stay or to gain employment,To help them provide suitable housing.I do this now only with contributions from small agencies and people who reach out.You. are taking me to another realm of my work.I am envisioning other directions.It seems the more I read, the more open my thoughts become.I thank you for that.I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I feel ive found a new family to come along with me.

    Mark H.

    From; Victor McDonald

  14. Victor McDonald says:

    Hello Mentor Mark
    I like to first say thank you accepting me in the society.I have been
    super busy but have still made time to absorb 1 and a half of my 3 manuscript.Im 59yrs born and for the past 4yrs I have been raising a business child
    for men of domestic abuse.In Fact,that is the title.Men Of Domestic Abuse.Only after I read about miss Annabelle story in its entirety did I feel a connection and had to read further.I am now past book #1 and on to the creativity section, book #2.Its true I have found myself at my time of work,reaching for the manuscript just to read a few more pages for balance.As one of your new studies I have to tell you I cannot wait to see you in person.When I created M.O.D.A. I reached out for other men in destructive relationships to help them stay out of prison,To keep in contact with their children, stay or to gain employment,To help them provide suitable housing.I do this now only with contributions from small agencies and people who reach out.You. are taking me to another realm of my work.I am envisioning other directions.It seems the more I read, the more open my thoughts become.I thank you for that.I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I feel ive found a new family to come along with me.

    Thanks Mark H.

    From; Victor McDonald

  15. James Hodgson says:

    Hi Mark
    I am 84 years old, and still full of fire&and life
    I like dealing with real Estate your offer has come along
    at the right time.
    With your help it will push me along, to get started.
    I want to help people get on their feet,so they can have food clothing

    to wear,plus housing, and a place to sleep every night and much more,
    Thank you for your help.
    We will talk more when I meet you.

  16. Abe Camelia says:

    Hello Mark,
    This is Abe Camelia. Firstly, I wish to thank you for inviting me to your
    Society. I have completed all three books and am ready to meet with you and
    the other mentors.
    My Friday night essence(my passion in life) has always been to save the children of the world. I am an 80 yr old young fellow.I have the energy of
    a 40 yr old. I’ve studied health and have lived accordingly. I was in
    Bangladesh several yrs ago to lay the groundwork for Orphanages and schools.
    I use to assist and lead communication workshops and thought I understood
    communication. As they say, knowing is the Booby prise. In Bangladesh I got
    to experience communication from kids that could not speak english. And, this experience transformed my life. This experience has left me with a
    burning passion to start saving these poor street kids from abuse, hunger,and the
    slaughter from abortion. In Bangladesh people abondon their infants and kids
    to the streets when they feel they no longer can manage. And, the worst part
    was that no one seemed to care.
    My 501’s C-3, non for profits are in progress, and I have run out of cash.And, this is tearing me apart. People will not work without money. What a curse money can be. Every day thousands of kids die from abortion. The Dam
    Liberals seem to think that they can play God and decide which child will live or die. I wish to take these kids and raise them in our own nurseries
    and Orphanages. Of course, every Orphanage will have a Miss Annabele .
    I need Help. I would like to meet the Mentors and you personally at the club
    houses. When we get our non for profits we will go for Grants to start con-
    struction. It can’t be soon enough.
    Again, thank you Mark and your Society. You have shown up just when I need
    you. Can’t wait to see you.
    Love and Regards,
    Abe Camelia

  17. Celina Grisales says:

    A little disappointed because the system rejected my comment as follow:
    “Dear Mark:

    At this point I don’t know exactly what to say.
    First, I want to create my CLUBHOUSE on a dedicated website on the INTERNET. It would have global access. I am writing about what it would be its content but still nothing concrete. If that is accepted, I want to do a survey into the community asking them what are the ideal subjects for ideas to implement it.
    Second, I want to participate in the MLM Neothink marketing, but I still can’t have access to the member site to study the process and details.
    Third, concerning to the TWELVE VISIONS PARTY, I want to know if it is possible to sign a contract. I am a person that although living legally in this country is not a national citizen yet.
    Thanks Mark and God bless you for your wonderful and unparalleled work for the whole humanity.”

    IT WAS REJECTED as follow:

    Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!

    And, I don’t think so. It was the first time I wrote it.

  18. Eddy says:

    Eddy’s further Reflections on Level 1
    How did the Primal Law come about? I imagine that the Primal Law is a concept of man’s creation. So since law of man is suspect how can we still have confidence in the Primal Law if it has been created by man? I love the idea of eliminating initiatory force and making creating conditions under which every individual or family can prosper and live happily. It is an ideal situation to aim for and if it can bring about the end of poverty it has my complete support and loyalty? However, how will it be monitored for possible violations and how will violations be handled?
    I like the utopia world of the TVP and I wonder if such a world could really be achieved given the tendency of power corrupting absolutely. I am also reminded of the expression that if something seems too good to be true, it is because it is. The idea excites me but I also feel skeptical
    I get a sense that mysticism is only about following. A mindset of waiting to be led. Is there a similar mindset of leaders who want to lead and their style perpetuates a need to have followers which full fill their need to be needed and/or followed? Leading and following are two sides of the same coin? Can everyone be a leader without followers? That is the question I am reflecting on and I have not yet come to an answer about it! Perhaps it is that kind of thinking, which is based on mysticism mentality that I need to reframe and let go.
    When creating the mini days is there a place for unplanned activities such as receiving a call that was not planned or expected or someone wants some help in completing a task which was not planned for? The mini-day planning seems very linear and does not seem to allow for interruptions. Is that still my mysticism thinking?
    I very much love the idea of visioning the outcome of a project which then helps to design steps required to get to an envisioned end point. I have from time to time used a similar approach in my leadership consulting work. But I have found that many people struggle with visioning the end point but prefer starting with the current place which they can connect with much more easily. They can then plot a way forward. I imagine it is because such people still operate from a mysticism mindset!
    I have made comments previously with regard to joining the secrete website where I can get most of the answers I seek from other members. But I think the process of joining the secrete group puts me at a disadvantage because of the need to provide credit card information. It seems like someone like me, who does not have a card, cannot join through the established means unless another selection is also included at the checkout point which does not require the use of a card. I am thinking here of, for example, adding and an option to send in advance monthly money-orders. Would that be possible? Am I the first and only one who has experienced such difficulty joining the secrete website?
    With gratitude,

  19. Richard Demke says:

    Hello Mark, I am a 67 year old reasonably successful retired dentist who has read your first three manuscripts and enjoyed the level 1 meeting. For your information, I was also an Inner circle and Level VI member of the Global Information Network (GIN). After practicing dentistry for 10 years, I decided it was not my Friday-Night Essence. I left active practice at age 35 and jumped into industry where I was responsible for designing and developing numerous professional and consumer oriented dental products and techniques. This also included conducting clinical trials and developing applications for ADA and FDA product clearances. I thought I was ready to retire and enjoy life with my wife at age 65 when she unexpectedly died 9 months later. Now I’m once again searching for my passion, my Friday-Night Essence.

  20. John Sesay says:

    Hello Mr. Mark Hamilton. It is a pleasure to get to know you as you have taken the opportunity to invite me in the Neothink society. I really appreciate your invitation. I have read most of the literature in all three manuscripts, and I am looking forward to meeting you soon. I strongly believe that through the teachings of you in these materials, we can change the cosmos and make it a better place for all mankind. You have expressed confidence in me that I have great hidden traits that can contribute to the Neothink Society, and indeed, I look forward to bringing this great knowledge that I possess to the Neothink through your great mentoring.However, I am kindly asking if someone could contact me tomorrow at phone number 240-264-9854 to lead me through on activating my secret meetings so that I start attending them for the one year free period you have given me. I am sorry that I have not responded to purchasing your new inner circle manuscript simply because I was out of the country for months. I will try to buy it by next Friday. Again, I really appreciate your enlightenment to the world population. Thank you, John Sesay of Silver Spring Maryland.

  21. Robert McCauley says:

    I’m working on a property I own in the motor city, my contribution to help Detroit refurbish some of its housing stocks.
    The Downtown area of Detroit has been on the come back trail for some time now which warms my heart to see the city of my birth doing well.
    Now is the time for the neighborhoods to thrive once again, with the purchase and renovation of the old train station by Bill Ford the great grandson of the founder of Ford motor Company.
    Detroit may become known in time as the silicon valley of the mid-west, research and development in driver-less technology for vehicles.

  22. Robert McCauley says:

    Good morning MH and Neothink members.
    It is predictable that the ac ponders the question, are we alone?
    That, from some members of the scientific community who know better than to perpetuate this falsehood.
    They have had the opportunity to look into the heavens unlike the masses here on earth, yet because of the ac they wish to keep us in darkness.
    The late Carl Sagen a well known Astro-physicist knew of worlds beyond earth an to his credit tried to enlighten people about their universe.
    According to the late Dr. Frank Wallace the time is coming when the CU will come to earth revealing the vastness of our brothers and sisters in the cosmos
    that are kept from the masses!
    Dr. Wallace knew the ac is but a shadow of the CU and in terms of time is but a blip on the radar.

  23. Robert McCauley says:

    Dear Mark,

    As a member who must still learn the secret to building a super puzzle in order to integrate my thoughts I remain humble.
    For me the parasitical leaders would love to see Neothink fail will be sorely disappointed when the Civilization of the Universe ends their existence and the masses start to realize through the Neothink twelve visions we have been put in a trick bag.
    I have been lost in the ac for most of my life and feel that if members had a more concise way to see the puzzle pieces clearer in order to snap them together it would help so much.
    As a Society member trapped in this ac which feeds on mans bicameral need for external leadership (mutation) I look forward to seeing exactly how the super puzzle comes together and to use it, creating value for my fellow man.
    Mark the Prime law of non initiatory force as written in the manuscripts is the key to the twelve visions!
    It is such a simple law to understand many will miss its meaning and how it will end the rule of man by other men.
    As you indicated in the manuscripts, such a paradaign shift has never happened before and their will be much resistance due to this new way of thinking.
    To me this is par for the course,the prize is well worth the cost.

  24. Robert McCauley says:

    I am an American of African, Indian and Irish descent.
    As a five year old growing up in Detroit I was a youngster in search of Miss Annabelle.
    Thus, MH when you sent me the Miss Annabelle manuscript (your magnus-opus)to read I felt you were talking to me directly!
    Finding out after 64 short years due to a specialized educational system designed to make me and all children in this ac conform to a system where there is no thought integration.
    Only the thoughts of those whose sole purpose is to control through our bicameral tendency for external leadership. I’m looking forward to learning thought integration through the super puzzle and how to use my mind for more than being an automaton in this ac. My goal is to become the self leader I am suppose to be. Thanks Mark for opening my eyes to a future I didn’t know existed! Sadly many of our brothers and sisters will be lost to the ac, there-fore I must strive to become a member of the CU.

  25. Arthur Baker says:

    Hello Mark: I have one question right now I read the 3 heirloom books you sent me, I understand that you
    Want people to know about Neothink and neotech telling us about neocheators in in politics etc, but why so secret we should get them out of office? Arthur. My name isArthur.

  26. Ming Su says:

    Dear Mr. Hamilton: I started reading Neothink manuscprit I on Feb. 22, 2018, and finished reading your manuscript III on May 4, 2018.
    First of all, I would like to share my sadness about the loss of your father, Dr. Wallace. He would have contributed even more to our great country America if he is still living today. Mr. Hamilton, you are a giant in our country in this 21st century. And I would like to join the effort to rescue America simply because she is ill.
    As we all know that when we have your ideas, we will have confidence. When we have confidence, we will generate strength. In turn, by using this powerful tool-strength, we will accomplish your ideal-Prime Law and Protectio-Only Budget will be fufilled. Thank you, MS.

  27. Keith Coles says:

    Mark I am finishing the third manuscript. Am soon to complete the 4th. Just need to be able to get a user name and password, so that I can learn more and be able to continue to grow. Thank you, Keith C.

  28. Don't Ragan says:

    Hello, to whom may be reading this, I will gladly share thoughts and findings from this life, right down to my findings in ” Quantum Entanglement – Quantum Point Resonance – Terra Sect

  29. Mason Jacobs says:

    Mr. Hamilton This is Mason Jacobs, still getting over my sickness, very weak with no energy. Still working on my Company with what strength I have I am studying the 12 Visions so I can better tell people about it. Still working on getting the kind of plastic I need to develop my Puzzle and how all the parts fit. Also am in the fourth part of the level, I am still teaching my group of men and women about my business. I presently have two men committed to help me build the company. Also I am continuing ministering to people in my group. Thanks for your help and Guidance. As soon as I get all the pieces together I can share with you all about my Vision. I need a person that can do blue prints to design my project. I will try to see your televised teaching. I will continue to stay in contact with You and learn all I can. Thanks Mason J.

  30. Mason Jacobs says:

    Mr. Hamilton I am in the process of creating places for men that want to be apart of My cooperation I am in the process of building the parts to see that they fit together researching the right kind of plastics to build my product. I may have found a person that may have that kind of plastic I need. I am also creating Values and numbers as I go along. and adding each piece of the puzzle. I am enjoying my Friday Night Essence, it is fun to work on each piece of the puzzle. I have found I am thinking of a more powerful level, and is thinking in a Neothink level. Well Mr. Hamilton I will continue building and when I get all the pieces together I will be able to show you the whole final puzzle. I am continuing and studying I am in level 4 presently. Thanks for listening. Mason J.

  31. Mason Jacobs says:

    Mr. Hamilton

    I would like to share with you, some research I have done I am at level three, and I am reading about the Zon. I completed cassettes in the 80,s on the Wounded Child, the Angry Child the Rejected Child, And The wounded Teenager, The Angry Teenager, the Rejected Teenager. And If the person did not get Healed, before becoming an Adult, the adult was wounded, Angry, rejected adult. I discovered the age the Child became wounded, he or she basically remained at that age, mentally, emotionally and psychologically. I have helped hundreds through the years get help in counseling, and restoration. I feel this wounded Child wound Hinder the person The Zon which is the pure essence of a person. We have covered up the true person we are from bicarmeral spirit. We have believed the Lies people has told us who we are, and we believed a lie. I have a book I have wrote and now I updating my Cd,s and it will continue to help people find the true person that they are.
    Mr. Hamilton if this could be of any help, I would be glad to help anyone that needs help overcome that Wounded Child. I am continuing studying, I hear a lot of negative comments. But my friend it wont keep me from being a success. Thanks Mason Jacobs.

  32. lee koch says:

    Mr. Hamilton I have 2 questions ;the first is that I will be away in 30 days at a meeting and a vacation, I would like to make all the meetings, so how do I compensate? the second question is when do I physically meet you and the other members, this is becoming dynamic.

  33. Mason J. says:

    Mr. Hamilton this is Mason J., it is getting more exciting as I find my Friday Night Essence. I am continuing developing my vision and adding more pieces of the puzzle together as I move deeper into the Neothink Thinking and processing each step creating Value Creating I am finding that I am always thinking about Value Creation even if I am not aware of it. I find myself just automatically evaluating places and situations and I seem to know the problem, and the solution to the problem, and I can see a picture and how it all comes together. In this Neothink Thinking it takes you out of your Carnal Thinking, and brings you to a place that is Supernatural. I am enjoying the journey and Learning and processing what I am Learning. Thanks for the hidden knowledge and I am experiencing new Levels every day.

    I am continuing to build on my vision and soon can reveal the final pieces of the puzzle and how they all work together to complete the Master Puzzle. Thank You for Your teaching and Instruction, Mr. Hamilton

  34. Mason J. says:

    Mr. Hamilton My Name is Mason J., I have been gone for the past week my sister passed away so I went to her funeral in Georgia. For over 6 weeks I have been working on a vision I had and the vision came in seven different visions. It all came together until I had the master puzzle. I have completed the 1st part and the third essence. Using your tools to build my vision, it works if you apply the principles you give us. I found by learning to get out of the flesh is how you get into Neothink, mind you have to change the way your carnal mind thinks and sees things. in confronting each piece of the puzzle that I am putting together. it is exciting to put the pieces of the puzzle together. The key to completion of the puzzle is work through each piece until you complete that piece then continue until you start working on the next piece keep a forward positive motion, creating values. I have always wanted to build something that will help the poor. My objective is build a corporation that will help people to also build their business within my business. Mr. Hamilton I will continue putting the puzzle together then I can reveal my Final puzzle. Thank You for your teaching and Help. Mason J.

  35. Mr. Hamilton,

    First off just want to thank you for guiding me all this way and keeping a lookout for someone like me… Much obliged. I’m astounded by the work you have done to go about publishing these manuscripts. They truely are quite amazing and i have gained so much useful knowledge so simply and quickly. I now have something to read for the rest of my life. Needless to say im superman excited to be meeting you and honored to be your mentor. I feel happy again and excited imagine that lol. It has been a long tough road in getting here but hey i made it and im looking forward to the future of things with us… Amen


  36. Arnold B. says:

    Mark Hamilton, I wish to express my gratitude for selecting me to become a member of the Neothink Secret. I will forever be grateful for being selected as one of your mentor. I must admit I will not be able to continue as a member.

    My wife had serious case of dementia which requires my full attention. In addition, my wife’s sister, is in a nursing home and want she visit everyday. Therefore, I will not the time to devote this project.

    Once again, thank you for your consideration.

  37. Hello mr. M.H. My name Clayton B. glay to know you I believe I have two price of my puzzle I am practice my psycho-power and ten second miracle and power approach my husband have alzheim’sdisease I needed to get some food and did not need hem with me so practice p/p on him I new mother was going so by reading my book of secret teaching to your exclusive inner circle I see two price of my puzzle am I right sir.

  38. cid says:

    Hi Mark:

    Thank you for giving me this chance of a lifetime. I try to absorb every page in my heirloom packages. I have had the same thoughts and theories that are in many of the pages for numerous years. I feel like I am not reading and getting the lessons done fast enough. Is there a time frame that they are required to be completed by?

  39. sam says:

    i am a reader of neotech.i believe in almost everthing they teach. the truth can hurt,
    thats why some people hate neotech,because they hate honesty.

    only neoteh can save the life of mankind.period. i have read this phylosophy for long and saw the truth behind it.

  40. Thomas Du B. says:

    Hi Mark this is Tom D. thank you for being my mentor I need to step up my game I’m old I haven’t work for 20-something years they’re taking away my pension I need your mentoring I guess really I’ll be blunt I need money alright my friend to be I know we will get along great thanks again see you soon I hope

  41. Levon S.Davis says:

    Yes, Good evening Mr. Hamilton.Thank you very much for your invitation me to the Neothink Society. I have been going through some difficulties trying to get on the site. I have been a little slow about getting on lately because it have been busy with the family and holidays. I don’t have a job, so I don’t have a Friday night essence so I guess I will keep on reading until I see the light. I guess this tell you where I am in my reading because, I haven’t founded my answer yet.Neverthe less I am going to get out of it all that one can get from invitation.Thank you once again for the opportunity. Levon

  42. Hi Mark.This is James.I’m your Philadelphia coordinator.Philadelphia has a billion dollar spending budget for water and above that another billon and a half for behavior issues which definely ties into sodium fluoride being in the water.So it sounds like there’s alot of money for water modifications.There’s an inexpensive solution to water filtration called Cyclodextrin,it’s a derivative of sugar,its in febreeze.The filter has mass scale flow rate with low run rate.It sounds like source point modifications(water companies)should adopt this for water treatment method.I need credit and also need to pay the 30 dollars for the business alliance,I’m grounded right now

  43. 10/03/2017

    Mark Hamilton

    Dear mentor ark Hamilton, is me your apprentice Barnabe Barnabe Deinkes, writing today regarding something very important, I have discovered. I searching for some information about my cousin which is a MUNK in West Africa, at ZOGBEGAN, in Togo, and been relocated to BENIN in the area. And during some reading, I discovered that, MUNKS WERE LYING TO THEIR OWN RELIGION MEMBERS BY DRAGING THE DEEP IN DARKENESS. Here is what I found, dear mentor. THE WERE WORSHING THE LOGHT WHICH MEANS, THE SUN. I was shocked. Then, I have to go to some your teachings, and BOOM, the truth was there. The religion and has everything to oppressed their members, killing their soul slowly, without them realizing. Those who understood the the truth desert and some stocked in the system just like my cousin. It is sad.
    Dear mentor, I wanted to inform you that, your teaching are more more than light, they change lives, of many people included me.

    Many thanks dear mentor Mark


    Barnabe B.

  44. Ken Obermiller says:

    Hi Mark, First off ..I am a realist and doubter. I am currently reading Neothink, and am into the final book. Yes I received your invitation, mailed my response and paid my 139.00 by phone. Feeling proud , undeserving, and highly skeptical but nonetheless went forward. I did not research first, because I knew that this would probably be classified as a scam. Everything that I have read in your book makes so much sense and all of us have these tools and insight if we only focus, cut thru the bs or illusions and try to see the big picture (the puzzles) and strive to solve problems for our betterment. Whom of us would not want to create values ? I do…unfortunately our Society has a long way to go to reach this beautiful utopian World. We all have to try and create these values and do our part to solve todays problems. It would be wonderful to push thru the outside authorities that rule us and to be able to achieve a cure for aging and death. I hope that I can be part of the solution. Thank You for opening my eyes.

  45. John Zilla says:

    I was into NEO-TECH in 1992 when I would receive their Mass Mailings before Email. Back then, NT was exciting. I own Neo Tech Secret Meeting Audios, Global Wealth Power, God Man, and the original Discovery as well as the Neo Tech Protection kits, and I can say now more than ever it is RELEVANT.

    Especially today with the Mass Hysteria Bubble.

    The most visible Mass Hysteria of the moment involves the idea that the United States intentionally elected a racist President. If that statement just triggered you, it might mean you are in the Mass Hysteria bubble.

  46. Kenneth Miles says:

    I am in the process of watching all of the levels again so much information, thanks again Mark.

  47. sherri pickel says:

    I,m excited and a little nervous to be invited to join your group! I feel you came to me just when I needed a new path in life, and I hope I can fulfill your expectations, Sherri

  48. george houseman says:

    I just typed a comment did it go through?

  49. Ella Mae Murphy says:

    I’ve never heard of any thing like this “Neothink society” before, but I’m interested. May I say moved. To integrate and build puzzle pieces, and pictures. To receive knowledge from within is really excitement to me, not to follow others,as what as always been. But to find it all inside your brain. I’m ready to learn how to integrate knowledge from within. Value producer to a value created. Precepts to concepts denominators. I want to learn it all now, all levels up to Neothink godman. I’m ready to be healthy,wealthy,happy, and powerful. Love,smart,and luck. Romance,beautiful big home, New car… Etc. I’m moved and excited, surprized, I didn’t know that there was another way better way to get knowledge and always having it and adding more. Instead of forgetting it all, and having to remember all over. Stagnation trap, but instead to integrate knowledge. Neothink Society. I’m ready if you’re ready to teach me. My mentor Mr. Mark Hamilton. Thank you in advance: Yours truly. Ella Mae Murphy

  50. Robert Henry says:

    Hello Mark,

    As I entered your site, at first it wouldn’t let me on but after repeated attempts I was able to get us together…Keep thinking that if you had the web link up where I could select your program and get it sent to me that would be so much better than the way it is now…
    Many thought keep soaring through my head…How to save the world? Oh my Gosh..
    Wow what a statement…How will I save the WORLD…Come on give me a break…Can’t even save my own son because he lives to far away…How do I think I’m going to save the World?
    What I need is to travel in time to the point I become successful…That would be priceless…Why do you suppose that when I tell someone that of your vision of my life they laugh–Ha, Ha, Ha…
    My own children won’t even believe me because I’ve been searching for so long, it’s as if I’m retarded…
    That’s what really hurts, my own children won’t believe in me…We’ve been apart for many years but I always let them know that they are my everything..Very self-centered children, who takes after me–lol.

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