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Welcome to Your Secret Meetings Site

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Welcome to your own Secret Meetings Website. Each month, for the next 12 months, based on your account, you will have access to your personal next level.

Every thirty days your Secret Meeting level will automatically be advanced to the next level. You will find your levels in the right hand column section “Your Secret Meetings”.

Your Neothink® Society has, like any other great organization, been evolving, Neo-Tech, SOS, Society of Secrets are all discussed within your Secret Meetings. They all are now “Neothink®” and Your Neothink® Society”.

All of the information within your next 12 months of  Secret Meetings with your mentor, Mark Hamilton is presented in Flash format. Flash is todays most viewed format and functions with all computers and browsers. Please ensure that your Flash is upgraded to the latest version. You can check for FLASH updates here.

NOTICE: Some of the FLASH videos have instuctions to play full screen, these are no longer valid. To play full screen click on the icon as noted:


Once again, Welcome to Your Secret Meetings. Enjoy your journey.


545 Responses to “Welcome to Your Secret Meetings Site”
  1. Aubrey Jackson says:

    April 18, 2017

    Hi Mark!
    It is a pleasure to write to you as my Mentor. It has been for sometime that I have had a chance to talk wit you. I have been through some disappointing times. I’m not going to bore you with them but I know you can read between ups and downs. This is what I wish to say: I have just started to listen to Level 1 and this question popped in my mind, why not ask Mark: Should you stay in the group and go through the entire Level 12 sessions? Be earnest, do I really still have a chance? Or should I just dropout. Mark! Which ever way you direct me to go, I’ll do it.
    By the way, my computer “crashed” and had lost my Username and my Pass-
    word and I had no way to log onto the system until a few days ago, April 17,
    2017, after researching for such a long, long time. I am a happy soul now.

    Thank you for your time…Aubrey

  2. Rolando Rivero says:

    Sorry Mark I did not finish. I pushed the wrong button and send. I want to get more perzonal can you please contact me . It’s been about 1 year. I could be a great help. (1=12 circles 20 triangular point) is my formula for everything.scientifically proof. Sorry so urgent. Prosperity And Helping Is The Key For Everybody. Thank you

  3. hello mark my name is victor romero I am reading my books I had lots of problems trying to understand them I just hope that somehow or somewhere I start to get some money comeing our way times are very hard right now you sent me a letter to buy a book that you put out and I am trying my hardest to get the money for the book Fridays come around to quick I hope this book does not stop the money and love to come my way I thank you for finding me till this day I still do not know how you found me I hope that this will change my life and my wife I would love to help grandkids and my great grandkids well mark I will close for now thank you again victor romero

  4. John Spring says:

    Hello Mark,
    Thank you for your “congratulations” letter that I just received.

  5. byron puckett says:

    hello mark I wrote to you awhile back.im off work cause I had knee surgery they are not paying me. you sent me a letter about getting my 320 page inside secrets.im broke rite now have been awhile,bills pilling up life seems dark right now for me. I don’t want to miss this opportunity to move forward. I still think that I’m special and there are great things going to happen to me I can feel it I’m off work reading up on my books. please don’t give up on me I really am trying to survive this worldly rat race. my company that I work for don’t give a crap about its workers,ive tried to make sence of my job make it my own thinking differentways but that place don’t let you succeed.i wanna find a place I’m happy with I’m good with people I care about others that struggle even when I’m down and out broke with my life rite now.i know things will get better I just need help.im from Owensboro Kentucky wanting to find others close by that want to set up meetings to talk about this anticivilization world. this day in time I see things going down not good for the little guy.makes me sick I can go on about this its how I feel. times are tough rite now for me and I need help thanks for your time.im waiting for meeting 4 to come up need some good news in my life.have a blessed day

  6. Fred Jordan says:

    Hello Mark and all the other members i just wanted to say hello and tell you about a few things that has happened since the last time i left a message. One important thing for me is in three days i will be 75 yrs years old on jan 19th ha ha and one other is i just managed to get me a new laptop computer my other one got hacked while i was using yahoo. i am now using outlook.com. so maby i can get started with some of the mettings. i am still trying to improve my thinking and trying to improve on my mini day projects. i dont have a lots of money left after paying my bills and buying all my books i only get a cocial security check .i have made it through about 400 pages of my prime cure bo0k and sent for 10lb book i can relly tell that they are helping me maby some day soon i ca prove to all of the members, keep op kiping on we will get there. have a good day and keep on playing FREDJORDAN

  7. Nancy Popio says:

    Hi Mark, Glad I read both 1 & 2 of your books…In Book 3 & somewhat not sure of just what my Friday night essence is yet. I am no longer a young person, but have a clarity of mind & desire to work at a Friday night essence. I love people & like to share what I learn as a mentor or in a teaching mode. In my current job, I hope to be retired from it in the next couple of years & on my way to being successful at something I really love doing helping others! Any Suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, N

  8. MARCUS MCGILL says:

    Dear Mark, Thank you for bringing me into the neo-think society. I have a question can I use the ten-second miracle at home cause I am retied. My mind is thinking of things all the time. Thank you for your time,,, Marcus

  9. Larry Sjoblom says:

    Thank you Mark for inviting me into your secret society. I’ve been intrigued since the first letter arrived, explaining everything about ME. I’m still reading in the 3rd book, but kind of lost in thoughts, as I keep reading about how to take charge at work and someday be my own boss with my own company. What gets me is, I don’t work. Not for money anyway. I retired with medical problems and was offered a place to
    All home, rent free, if I agreed to take care of a couple when they reach a point that they need to have someone help them with everyday chores. So, I guess you can call me their Caretaker and yard man. I’m also the full time cook. I have a very limited income from S.S.Disability and barely making ends meet. I have faith that you will help me become financially stable and have my own business someday. I look forward to the meetings as I continue to read the books.

  10. Fred says:

    Hello Mr Hamilton, I just just thought i would say a few words and thank you for what your are doing, its just makes tingle all over to think of the good things that is about to happen to me and all the other members,I have found my FNE i think bacouse helping people makes me happy and i think this is the person i was ment to be, reading these books has helped me so much bacouse i was always full of love and honesty and i hope i can keep improvig and with your help maby i can. thank you and have a wonderful day

  11. Louis Morgan says:

    Thank you Mark,I am still reading the third 950 page book. My mind is open and I am trying to use the things I am learning. I don’t know where the first meeting will be held or if I will be able to travel the distance to make the meeting I know that I must organize my time correctly so that it all works out.

  12. stephanie says:

    i have no money i came across a book that brought this concept to my attention.
    i feel that becoming a member may not be necessary for i know that i am one who thinks differently and i get alot of what i call static, and this is the first time i have come across people who may think kinda of like me.

  13. Clayton S Nkhuwa says:

    How and where do i start from to join and be a full member? for i am so intrigued and astonished with your books. Really helps

  14. Lewis Prichard says:

    Dear Mark, I am pleased to be in your Neo-Think Society, and I notice many things about it which are connected. For example there is a psychological aspect, to bring about one’s best thinking and goal setting. Also there is a physical aspect, which is our physical selves and the world we live in. What I find to be exiting is to access high-status information here, things I can use for my good life. Synthesis is the creating of new information and ideas, and is a very high level of thinking. At the same time, I enjoy the historical examples and stories.

    I am in my first month, and I have a question for you: which aspect of Neo-Think do you find the most exiting, 1) the psychological aspect; 2) the physical aspect; or 3) the synthesis aspect ?

  15. Cynthia says:

    Where can I learn more about this.
    thank you.

  16. Michael Bonneau says:

    Hi, thank you so much for the opportunity and for believing in me and yes your correct I will get a Nobel prize, but it’s not the reason I’m doing all I do. I’m well read but lacking a proper education. But I’m determined to succeed all my predisesor’s! I’m looking not only to blow the top off some of our worlds hidden secrets and learn how to use them. Well anyways I’m just sending you this to let you know to not give up on me. I’m undergoing major surgeries this month and in 3 or 4 more months I’ll have another one as well! Again thank you for giving me this opportunity! And my lips are sealed to outsiders.

  17. Mary Yoder says:

    Dear Mark,
    I Thank You Very Much for Bringing Me into Your Neo-Think Society which I bought all 3 of your books I am still reading mine as I am working and I am very interested to learn more about Neo-Think. Thank You Mary

  18. Elias Espinoza says:


    I have read four heirloom package,enjoyed all am ready to proceed I am waitng for my pass word to log on to the meetings. I live in Michigan,no one to start TVP. I will call SOS to get info to start TVP party here,I belive this is my FNE.

    Thank You

  19. lorraine charron says:

    Dear Mark: Iam 84 years old. Right now Ifeelthat Iam so far behind trying to absorb all of this. There is so much to learn….and so little time for me to do it in. I do want to keep up with your meetings too. This is a wonderful world opening up for me. I shall do my best and take everything one step at a time. Also…Iam so anxious to find out about my hidden talents as you explained to me on your letters. I,ve had four careers..A veteran during the Korean conflict. A Registered Nurse. A Certified Professional Electrologist..trained in Boston MA My last career career before retirement is a Master Barber I have been busy!!! Anxious to hear from you Lorraine Charron.

  20. Michele Richards says:

    Dear Mr. Hamilton,

    Thank you again. I have read all of your books sent to me as well. It was wonderful to finally see history for the first time in chronological order and all the exciting events unfolding. I felt so much as I read your masterful work. You are a man among men. I do want to continue down this path so if you need my help I am here. I hope I will hsve the opportunity to continue.

    Best Regards,


  21. lorraine charron says:

    Dear Mark: Everything I,ve read has been so inspiring. I,m loving it!!

  22. Rolando Rivero says:

    Dear Mark, Thank You for bringing me into Neothink Society, all my life I felt that my life had much more to give to society. I always had good ideas but never continued, years later to realized someone else had come up with it. Society has blocked me from creating anything. One special gift I always had was seeing our Universe in first person 3D. I would see a special report on TV or here on the radio experts old and new findings about our universe, quickly my thoughts would correct these experts years later, they would stand corrected.Considering I have never studied the concept. After reading your first Neothink Super puzzle Book, thinking back in time I was just like one of Miss Annabelle students specially like (Ian, The Astrophysicist) A conscious universe the leap to god-Man and the ultimate test of Zonhood. I am 50 years old I have just received my Patent Invention, by the way (United States Patent Office) is broken because of Politicians, Bureaucrats.I Also Published a Book called (THE EXIT SIDE OF THE UNIVERSE). I discovered a direct connection before our BIG BANG. A 32 Multi-Universe Sysem, Energy First Started, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Gravity First Started, Our continued Expansion, much more! Understanding the Cosmos through compassion, Supreme Love, Conscious life, I created a Universal (MAP) in controlling for future generations. Mark Hamilton thank you for all three Heirlooms books my mind is now in a higher realm of thought. Your Books has giving me the understanding of promoting my (Invention) and my (Book) by Mini Days, Friday Night Essence, less physical movement,Twelve Neothink Visions, CEO-1-2-3, Our Next Evolution, and more World Wide. It is an Honor, again THANK YOU From: Rolando Rivero.

  23. Mark Hamilton, I have been a member for quite a while. I fell away from neo-tech from listening from people saying bad things about this society. I want to come back and learn about neo tech and belong to where I belong. I want to get connected again. Please send your literature tome to read and understand what I am missing.

  24. Mary Claggett says:

    Hello Mark, Been reading but just logged on. I am 74 yrs young a widow living with someone who has had a stroke. As a former caregiver I am aware of his prognosis.I feel stagnant right now, I have 3 sons, was married to a Lt. in the fire dept. I started a home based cleaning business that was successful, started a ceramic shop with friends, worked at humane society and then AT&T until they gave management a packaged and I retired. I do not have income besides my social security. I have been reading and listening on the calls. I want to be successful With wealth, love and prosperity.

    Thank you,
    Mart claggett

  25. Terrance Jones says:

    Hello Mark,

    Thank You for inviting me into your exclusive organization. I am 42 years old, and happily married. I am tired of working a job that has no growth whatsoever, and you can’t build anything within it because it is designed for you to be mentally stagnant. I have been a School Bus driver for quite some time. I have so much more to offer where my gifts can be beneficial for myself as well as others. My mind is like a beautiful bird that is not meant to be caged. I can’t wait to open up Pandoras Box and unleash the many talents that have been hidden.

  26. Danny Halladay says:

    Ok, I did it again. Haven’t touched a computer since 2003. As I was saying. I noticed that there is a sentence that says there is going to be an application to work for something. I prefer not to be employed. And if it’s for a membership; I hope it doesn’t cost. ( Maybe later ). For now I rather do for myself. I can not afford to jump at every cost to advance my life. And I definitely don’t wont to work for anyone again. ( The 4 th. Book ). I’ve got too much on my plate already. See, I’m an Artist, Inventor, and Poet. Self-proclaimed due to being an unknown. This application thing is my question.

  27. justin p Berthelot says:

    Top of the morning!,

    As I proceed to define, my gratitude, determination, ability and to basically give a brief overview of result’s which are the outcome to being chosen by a Mr MARK HAMILTON, THANKS IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT.
    IM A father,step-father, fiancée, friend , coworker, trustworthy, honest, climbing the construction ladder. I was in a corner didnt have a dime hurricanes hit bad times received 1200 pg. Manuscript. Read and read took notes and learned I noticed even when in a conversation my mind applying the secrets and information delivered precisely and not off coarse. At work I went from production wise, average to quadruple my work output by mini day system.Implementing it into any and all tasks . Wow did I begin to Excel and planning scheduling and building these chemical plants as I do I was at a level no one could match and were wondering how , I’d say experience in the right field and anything is attainable . In my career I started out in 2000 , received invite in (2005), five years trying to learn the craft of a Pipefitter fabricator. It was ruff but I was determined to support my family. Since the manuscript tested and achieved national NCCER Pipefitting certification also becoming a foreman position then a General Forman position . Being aware I call it , and to notice that you are the person whom you saw in the mirror but I was allways shy quiet and too nice to a fault. Every aspect of my life was progressing to, my dreams Until I started not hearing alarm clock , traffic tickets, sick , and worrying, and car wrecks and I was sitting alone and like a light bulb 💡”bling” I almost lost all the progress achieved because I had unplugged it and never realized untill then I left work went home for lunch took out my book and read and I noticed the depth of my thoughts and the clarity of the minds eye internaly producing highly detailed 3D rotationally manipulative object as if it was a hot wheels car . In my hand.
    The pros in how I communicated with others was able to describe the thoughts an relay them to another to learn new skills and all other protecting,internaly enhancing, productive and all aspects, as a result derived from my secret 🔐.
    I am grateful but I am wondering what now I’m wanting to further improve our relationship . BC as others have said ideas which are an everyday thing, flsh and image pops in my head like an electric motor which internally takes no oil never needs charge and a way to charge by using any and all rotating surface’s ©™ job .
    I would love to be apart of this I just found it today had no idea .
    I’d also like to be chosen for presidency.
    Thanks sorry so long but I’m so excited I found yall .
    . Achievement Maximus,
    . Mr. Justin P Berthelot Sr.

  28. Tracy Rhodes says:

    Hi Mark Hamilton
    I want to just let you know how I appreciate you noticing anything about me it is a wonderful feeling that someone like you a man of a brilliant mind notice little old me . But brilliant minds think a like right know matter who you are if you got it you got it. I am right now a caregiver I was a Certified Nurses Assistant for 15 years I lost my certificate in 2009 due to medical reasons but I bounce right back like a champ as always. I Truly thank you for bringing me into the Neo-Think society you won’t regret it.

    I appreciate you!
    From The Unique One Tracy Rhodes

  29. Frank Fedele says:

    Hello Mark Hamilton: I have been around for a long time now. My background is Sales/Marketing and I am an independent ins. agent licensed 40 yrs. Also an entertainer,vocalist, stage actor,writer,and producer of plays, stage shows and an emcee as well. I was once a Rosicrucian member..but never went beyond the neophyte level. I go way back to Zon Power, and Neotech as well. You have been sending me correspondence for a long time. At least 2o yrs or more. I remember reading about Dr. Frank Wallace. I have read much or the literature from the organization/society,and I have purchased all 3 books in the past 3 to 6 months or more. My question is..each time I receive a letter the time limit is 3 days to order. That is not enough time for some of us out here. I travel a lot..sometimes it takes me longer to respond..but most times I have ordered the material in time frame. However, it would seem only logical that you might consider a little more time for these things, considering things like illness, travel, work, and other situations that may arise, preventing rapid response time. Could this be a consideration ? Also, why did it change from NeoTech,to Zonpower, and now Neothink? I did not seem to extract much from any of those..but now I am a Neothink member. Please explain if you would be so kind. Thank you. Frank Fedele.

  30. samuel annan says:

    Hello Mark,
    I am happy I have finally joined the meeting to know you more, expecially get to become whom I was born to be so how do I get start it, I have a lot of business plans but am not financially strong so what can I do to get start on something.

  31. Christy Lewis says:

    kindly, I would like to know my default. Each time I attend meetings through the phone, I am registered as a guest and I am not able to ask questions-is this how it should be?
    I tried to reach out but it seems so difficult.

  32. John Gilbert says:

    Hi Mark I’m 69 years old & retired and not sure this will work for me. I have some income from SS & small investments. What would be good for me.

  33. Gre4etings mr. mark,
    Just wanting to know why I’m still a 1 leveler. I have listened to the presentations and all, I received my welcome letter BNY90 sent on 17October,15′ every thirty days is Dec. 2nd tonight just curious, as goes with my first name I reckon. Thank you so much for this opportunity to enter the secret society of your neo-thinkers. Have a wonderful blessed day.
    George Murrow

  34. Maricela Griffith says:

    Could I invite to belong to this society to friends, co-workers etc to this society or yours prefer to choose the persons who u want in the society?

  35. Cyril Oenbring says:

    Dear Mark

    What setup do youo need to view your videos

  36. Nancy Swenson says:

    Hi Mark. Thank you for choosing me for an incredible journey. When are we going to see a TVP president? How long do we have to wait?
    I am single, by choice, and 62. If there is hope maybe I will find a nice older man in the group. Hope is all I have.
    Thanks, Nancy Swenson, Virginia

  37. Nancy Swenson says:

    Hi Mark. Thank you for choosing me for an incredible journey. When are we going to see a TVP president? How long do we have to wait?
    I am single, by choice, and 62. If there is hope maybe I will find a nice older man in the group. Hope is all I have.

  38. Gilbert Ishizu says:

    Dear Mark,
    I am am VERY thankful to YOU n the Neo-think Society for seeing n recognizing my potential! When I 1st received Superpuzzle I was in SHOCK n AWE n could not believe the emotional roller coaster ride I had taken every single time I would open n read it! I also felt a very strong soul mate connection to all the characters in Superpuzzle! As I received my next two heirloom manuscripts I did also feel the euphoria you had explained in my lesson one that I am now watching n reading! So I guess my question is how do I get around or overcome ALL the NEGATIVITY surrounding me on the daily in order to REALLY breakthrough to be able to stay in connection with the Neo-Think Mentality?

  39. Bob Lorenz says:

    Hi Mark. Just finished up lesson four. What an honor to be part of something special.I can’t wait to get started at marketing Neo-Tech and vision twelve party. It’s what this country and the world needs. I fill so honored that you picked me to be one of the apprentices to help spread the information and the platform of the vision twelve party. WOW!!!! Exciting time, to think I could be a part of a new chapter in all history books….THANKS..

  40. Tiandra Lane says:

    I sm so happy to finally be at this Level!!!!

  41. Ronald Valentine says:

    Hi Mark,

    I’m excited about entering my first Neothink Society meeting, though cannot enter as don’t have a username yet assigned as it was not on the letter I received from you. Please provide that.
    Best Regards,

    Ronald (Ron) Valentine

  42. Dianne Thompson says:

    How do I find ny Friday Night Essence. I like a lot of things. Most of all I love to help people. How do I get started. Thank you for all of your books. I enjoy the first two. Have not fishing the last one. I also want to know, how did you find me.

  43. Dear Mark,
    I finished all 12 months of neo tech but nothing became of it and then I hit rock bottom and couldn’t find a job. Why is this all so hard. I was told about the 10 second miracle. I could not find it. Out here in the west wages are quite low. I almost starved to death. I couldn’t go see my soul mate when he was dying of five different kinds of cancer while In a nursing home in Florida. The cancer was caused from agent orange. He was in the military in vietnam. I have been sent more books from you to do this again. Now you told me I could have the 1st year free. I have had some lightening fast glimpses of equipment to help people who have been injured and cannot move or walk. I wrote an important one down that I want to work on. My music is coming a long also. I need a mentor for it.

  44. DAWN BRIMMER says:

    Dear Mark,

    I have the three heirloom books, and I am halfway done with the Neo-Tech. I have watched all four first lessons, and I have joined signed up with the TVP web site and I am ready to do more. I have been having bad luck with my password for the clubhouses site. But, I have ordered, and I am waiting on my next book which should arrive any day now. So I better get back to reading Neo-Tech (which is also a great book) so that I can finish it before my next book arrives, so I can devour that book as well. I am excited about getting involved in the TVP. I really can’t wait to see all of your visions come into completion. Since reading your first three books. I went from being in a wheelchair due to my MS, to where I am now. Now I am running around and always busy with my mini-days, I have even started my home business back up with your mini-day ideas and logic. I am thankful to you and Neothink. I listen to the free-calls every week right now, but I would love to listen to the active calls If I can get to password to work. If it wasn’t for the Neothink I would probably still be in a wheelchair. Now I can go to the gym, and work on my business with my Friday night essence. Although I think the TVP might become my FNE soon.

    Thank you again!

    Dawn Brimmer from Houston TX

  45. Marina Murphy says:

    Dear Mark,
    I Thank You Very Much for Bringing Me into Your Neo-Think Society, which I Bought All 3 of Your Books and Read them ALL Already and they Sure Are Very Heart Warming, that I LOVED them, so I Am Ready for LOVE and Happiness to Start Coming in my Life Now as a Single Female at 46 Years OLD.

    From: Marina

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