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Welcome to Your Secret Meetings Site

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Welcome to your own Secret Meetings Website. Each month, for the next 12 months, based on your account, you will have access to your personal next level.

Every thirty days your Secret Meeting level will automatically be advanced to the next level. You will find your levels in the right hand column section “Your Secret Meetings”.

Your Neothink® Society has, like any other great organization, been evolving, Neo-Tech, SOS, Society of Secrets are all discussed within your Secret Meetings. They all are now “Neothink®” and Your Neothink® Society”.

All of the information within your next 12 months of  Secret Meetings with your mentor, Mark Hamilton is presented in Flash format. Flash is todays most viewed format and functions with all computers and browsers. Please ensure that your Flash is upgraded to the latest version. You can check for FLASH updates here.

NOTICE: Some of the FLASH videos have instuctions to play full screen, these are no longer valid. To play full screen click on the icon as noted:


Once again, Welcome to Your Secret Meetings. Enjoy your journey.


450 Responses to “Welcome to Your Secret Meetings Site”
  1. Elwood says:

    Dear Mark:

    I expect I’ll read details of how Pharoahs,Plato,Socrates and other wealthy individuals down through history to 2014 used these secrets to amass wealth for themselves and descendants. Do you disclose this information in a sprinkled pattern throughout your future books? I’m pleased and thankful to have been selected to join this society! How is it you’ve been aware of me for a long period of time? Until receiving a letter from the Society, I didn’t know of its existence.



  2. Elwood says:

    Dear Mark:

    I’m enjoying reading Neothink Volumes 1 2, 3, of the three volumes purchased since June 2014. I’m not yet finished with the last two volumes, but working through them. You provide a plan whereby an average Joe can financially succeed after much of a lifetime of being thwarted by the white collar hoax and working in stagnated jobs. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to learn these Neothink concepts and learning to implement them into my personal life. The Company Capture secrets are very interesting–all beginning with mini-days, mini-companies, essence reports, etc.



  3. Sandra says:

    Hi Mark

    I need my book so bad for some reason my money have not been the same. I hate being Poor this don’t fit my life or my life still please help me move forward. Because of NEOTHINK I love to read, but now I speed reed!!

  4. Sandra says:

    I finaly understand my invent is integrate, why my inventon is having problems with a company called Davison Inventon? They gave me something I did not order. I advise everyone please don’t use that company.


  5. Sandra says:

    My money for the last 3 month’s have been really tough I need that last book.
    What am I doing wrong. Please help me. My invention is slow! Wow need lots of help.

  6. After exploring a number of the blog articles on your site, I seriously like your technique of blogging.
    I saved it to my bookmark site list and will be checking back in the near future.
    Please check out my website too and tell me what you think.

  7. HECTOR PARRA says:

    Hi Mark I’m very exited to become a member of your society I hope I can help to make a difference. Thank you so much. I’m still reading my 3th book hope I can finish in a week and start and I can’t wait for biological immortality.

  8. ross killian says:

    Thank you Mark, for allowing me in. i’m not ready for my first meeting because I’m not done with the third book yet. Hopefully by the end of this week. What your doing is a Great Thing. I’m very curious to knowing the rest of the story about your secret coding in your books. And the power that comes with it. I look forward to meeting you in person. Have a great day!

    Ross Killian


    how can we start a club house in north al

  10. Steven Foerster says:

    I am very interested in having you give contact info to other A-Teams in my area as well as giving me a way to contact members near me. I have read 3 Heirlooms as well as the majority of your fathers works. I understand very well the importance mentoring and apprenticeship can have on the effects of people and the relationship.

    I have the Prime cure and am ready to begin a clubhouse or at least start the intro meetings. I will e-mail you the details as requested.

    I would really appreciate if you could return an email to me in respect to the differences in some Group Entities as I am in all 3 . I would like to know how to communicate separately within each group . please return pot to for specifics as I am not sure whether all details involve all members.

    sincerely ,
    Steven Foerster

    I would also like to know the ways to get information about financial assistance and how that is done as described in previous letters.

    Thank you ,

  11. Ejaz Ahmed says:

    Hello Mr. Hamilton,
    I can’t thank you enough for allowing me into your secret society. I am just starting out and I hope to complete all the material the best I can and utilize the knowledge embedded in these fine books. I hope to meet all the secret society members and benefit from their experience and wisdom. I sincerely wish to learn all I can and help mankind break free from the clutches of death and gain immortality. There is a lot of work required and I hope every member can be up to the task and accomplish great things in life. Let us all be all that we could possibly be. Amen.

  12. calvin page says:

    Thanks for inviting me into the neothink society. I’m having trouble submitting my comments. As I read my heirlooms packages; I’m becoming more of a leader than a follower. I was recently put in a leadership role on my job. This make me think more to accomplish daily tasks.

    I always had visions of being someone important or wealthy; being able to help people and my family threw rough times. I had visions to heal. yet reality hasn’t struck my way yet. I never knew; had; or met really smart and wealthy friends. I’m hoping this journey with you will help me unleash whatever gift I have. Thanks again mark.

  13. Kimberly Smith Lerma says:

    I have not been able to sit down and finish all three of the heirloom books. At times life is chaotic and I have a hard time staying focused. Each section that I read though left me wanting to know more. I am thankful that you have chosen me to be a member of this group. After my first meeting with you today and with the notes I have taken, I will go back and review the recommended readings. I hope to hone in on my one true passion, it is eluding me at the moment. I have come to realize that I may have the gift of healing. If that be the case, I would like to expand upon that training to benefit others around me. I do know I need to Play more.

  14. Sandra says:

    I have a inventon that is integrated wow? now I am waiting for Davison’s to come through for me!! Thanks to Neo think and
    Mark Hamilton.

  15. Terry Beck says:

    I’ve often thought “there’s got to more…” I would be grateful for any help that may be rendered. To date date I’ve been to lazy to go beyond complaining about the injustices I see all around me. At 67, I feel that I may be to late. But I’ll try my best. Would be very interested to find out who saw the potential that got me the invite and that I’ve always thought was within me.- but had (and still have) no idea of how to un-leash that potential. Am hoping to learn how through NEOTHINK.

  16. Ganiat Bolanle Allison says:

    I have not achieve so much since I had joined the Neo-think. I have five books to read and I am unable to finish one because I have to work two jobs in other to pay my bills.I am suggesting if you can organize a class of face to face to the new members who wish to attend the class and the class can be once in three or four months at the clubhouse for those who are extremely interested. I will like to have the copy of the clubhouses addresses for my record purposes.

  17. Sandra says:

    I received a contract from the city of New Orleans that was said I was not choosen. I thought what does that mean. Now that I am in Neo think member and read the books now I get it. My question is when will my contracts will take place?

  18. Starla Puckett says:

    Hello, Mark Iam so sorry I guess I put my post in the wrong area
    but as I had already said I posted some things about my self in the profile
    part but it just would not post,What am I doing wrong ?
    Ya know I was reading on the fact of being creative and I once was verrrryyyy creative but it seems to have become stagnet,
    I feel as if Iam not excepted anywere.
    Can you help me to get out of this rut!!
    Thank you

  19. Starla Puckett says:

    Hi Mark its Star again,
    Ya know it would be so AWSOME to use even half my brain, I mean ya know almost all people use only about 10 percent of there brain with the exception of those rare few who are just born to be geiness how could a person accomplish such a thing , Just Wondering


  20. Donald Grant says:

    I am currently working the mini day/power think in to my business.
    I am doing the best I can to stay on track. I have Janitorial business
    thing are getting better help mini day/power think. read all the three key
    book currently still reading one and two.

  21. Howard Vogel says:

    Please, I need you send me letter on the mail instead of sending me emails because just right now I don’t have any. Perhaps I’ll bye one soon. Thank you.

  22. Sandra says:

    I feel so blessed to be choosen. I am off and running with a lot to do trying to stay focused. My invention is all coming together. After reading the 3 books. A lot of it was truly a blessing.

    Love peace and happiness Sandra

  23. Angela Mafnas says:

    What is it about me that has your attention.since no one eles in my has really ever paid much attention to me. Or even taken the time to help me bring out my full potential and capabilities.I’ve discovered so far business writing and arts. I’ve always been attracted to theses three areas throughout my life. I’m very creative and artistic.

  24. Angela Mafnas says:

    I only have my phone at this time and unable to activate video. I’ve been working very hard to establish myself. I’ve been currently trying to pursue the next level of management in my current place of work.and I can onlyafford so much. I am the only one working with a household of 5. Not only that I also do most of the household maintance at home to . And I also have two children with disabilities. I’m a very busy person and I’m very curious as to what it is that got your attention to reach out to me.

  25. Joshua Lemon says:

    Hey Mark Hamilton I am chairmen of TVP in my state and have read 3 heirlooms including Manikas children story book of Boo adventures. I am musically inclined also looking for a record deal or distribution deal to rap and perform neothink into my music and my circle consists of inventors with entrepreneur ideas that add value to society and promote new technology im researching biological immortality and growing exhilaration im getting close I feel in my heart and need guidance and mentor however I cannot afford the training GIN offers however I have the willingness to learn and change on a scale of 10 please help me to fulfill my calling and purpose in life to live the vision I am meant to live be do and have in a prosperous and joyous life.

  26. eric watkins says:

    I.need help get my life back on track lost job facing foreclosure don’t have any place to go thinking about divide if I can get help from the society please Lerner know trying to fimd out about the secret level meeting I can attend to learn about stocks etc I am depending on your help from the consultations you sent me I have high hopes I did the right thing when I sent you the money to try to turn my life reinforced help I’m trying to start My own autobody repair shop if I can get started I think I can make it what do you suggest

  27. kristopher hernandez says:

    I would like to work for you. I work to hard for pennies I would like to work hard for millions im young and would like to see your business in action I learn fast this way.

  28. debra price says:

    Hi Mark; Thank-you for everything once again. I enjoy your lessons and I am forever grateful for your information. I have a hard time deciding which to focus on for my FNE because I am a creative person. I enjoy music, dancing, writing, teaching and I am currently working in the medical field and going to school to pursue advancement within my career. My heart desires one particular individual and I am hopeful that we will meet someday. If we can truly achieve immortality I want to pursue all my passions. I would love to meet the 1st immortal as well. I want to learn from them and utilize all that I can be.

  29. Rachel Manin says:

    I do not believe that I belong with this group.
    1. I am not employed.
    2. I have been retired for 28 years.
    3. I am 94+ years old.
    I do not wish to start a business or seek employment of any kind.
    I have been widowed twice and romantic love is not needed.
    Please five my place within this group to a younger person.
    I do not wish to participate in this group at this time in my
    Sincerely yours,
    Rachel Manin

  30. richard counts says:

    Hello, I have every book that you have written I think. LOL Just so you understand I have completely gotten it all I have complete integrated thinking daily. I have my business that I have perfected over several years and my latest breakthroughs all came after I started reading my Neo-Think books. Today my completed puzzle picture is clear as as the sky is blue. Now in order to effect my business I am now raising capital to fund this amazing life changing business for all of humanity. Please feel free to visit my website to get a better understanding of what it is that I do. But in short. I grow Vegetables, Fruit, Protein (fish) and Algae. This all combined together creates what I call the Closed Loop Eco-System (CLES). This is the only self sustaining and self renewable system that literally and completely needs itself to sustain itself. The take away on his is that I harvest the algae and extract the oil form the algae. Then I will take this and offer it for sale to Bio-Diesel producers. This will create a clean energy substitute vs burning fossil fuels. Also within this process I do not use any soil nor any pesticides or chemicals. The fruits and vegetables are as pure and clean as you cannot imagine and these plants are healthy. Our Moto reads like this. CLEAN WATER, CLEAN FOOD, CLEAN ENERGY = CLEAN LIVING

    Our food is what heals us and what provides us the needed nutrients to support an Immortal body and mind. This is huge!

    It is my intent to raise $ 155MM USD in order to build 11 facilities in the USA initially and then we will go global.

    Each of these facilities will produce 100,000 Metric tons of algae oil per month for the algae oil. I will provide a virgin oil at a used oil price for bio-diesel producers.

    This is Huge!!!

    The food production alone is staggering. I will provide more information to anyone who is interested. This will be the next generation of wealth created in the world.

    I look forward to your thoughts and questions.

    Richard Counts or
    1-949-394-9678 Ph

  31. Robert Valencia says:

    Is there any way I could re-ignite my moms child of the past? I hate seeing her sad or depressed, it pains me deep inside.

    Love Always,


  32. Robert Valencia says:

    Hey Mark, I just got finished checking out that members only chat room. I’ll be there soon, just got to get funds in order. Thanks for the true enlightenment. God bless you Mark Hamilton.

    Love Always,


  33. Robert Valencia says:

    Enlightened beyond what words could imagine, I believe I AM One with the Universe.

    Love Always,


  34. Robert Valencia says:

    Hi Mark, It’s me again. Since talking to you last I have started building my mental picture for my very first of many more to come, wealth building projects. I have visioned the end result into my mental-puzzle-picture and now see the book I’m working on, on display cases World wide. I’ve even gone as far as to seeing it available on any app store. I just want to keep you updated on my progress and share a little good news. I believe I am now too visioning a Twelve Visions World that I believe matches perfectly inline with what needs to be. Once again I would like to say thank you for the eye opener.

    Love Always,


  35. Robert Valencia says:

    Hi Mark, I would just like to thank you for helping me discover my Friday-Night-Essence. I now know that my friday-night-essence is Art-Writing and maybe even Business-Marketing. Since discovering my downstream focus I have started my very first wealth building project writing a book. I must admit I really like what I have visioned about the near future. I now see the world in a whole new light. Thank you once again for the enlightenment.

    Love Always,


  36. Robert Valencia says:

    Hey Mark it’s me again. I just wanted to say, WOW such Enlightenment. You really do know what you’re doing. I believed before but now I feel as though I am truly a God. I know there is much more to come, and look forward to every single moment of this life long altering journey within the NeoThink Society.

    Love Always,


    P.S. I love the books your a genious

  37. Robert Valencia says:

    Hey Mark, first and foremost I would like to just say thank you for this Life altering experience. I feel I have been Enlightened beyond my wildest dreams. I no longer live in fear of the unknown for you have helped open my eyes.I truly feel I have been blessed and once again would just like to say Thank You Mark Hamilton for the eye opener.



    P.S. I look forward to attending my first Secret Meeting with you.

  38. Steve Brown says:

    Hi Mark, the money making system is fabulous! For 20 years I have had a cleaning business. My business was always up and down. I feared not having enough jobs or money to pay my bills. I started off cleaning carpets in office buildings. From there they asked me to clean up around dumpsters. I cleaned the area’s so well that I was asked to clean the areas weekly. After a month, calls were coming into the office on these properties and they asked me to come in for a meeting with the owners. The owners complaints were that the dumpster areas were cleaner then the store front areas. I picked up three warehouse accounts at that first meeting. the management liked my work so much they gave me 13 more property to clean, strip malls, shopping centers and office buildings. For the first year I did all the work myself, and then I hired sub contractors to do the work for me. I then picked up pressure cleaning jobs from the same management and repairs/carpet cleanings and any maintenance they needed done. I done all this while reading the first 3 heirlooms and applying my Friday Night Essences. Thank You Mark for your wisdom , Neo Tech has given me a positive way to look at work and I love what I am doing. I love adding value to the people I work for and I am very respected by those clients. I have built my business on the integrity and pure honesty that I learned from your material. I realize that I am a Value Producer, My dream, my desire is to be a Value Creator. I want to expand into developing mini companys. I have not been succeful in finding the right sub-contractors to repucate and move this bussiness forward into the Neo think arena. I need your help to find out what I am missing!

  39. Lucille Dumas says:

    Thank you, Mark, for believing in me and showing me what’s really important in life. You threw me a lifeline and turned my world around! Thank you, thank you, thank you ever so much!

  40. I have been SPLIT-sign up otheror 12 meeting free with Mark Hamilton so far as I like what read an Three second merie An God Men the Twelve Vision Party The New Millennium The Twelve Visions world Universal Wealth Health Peace.Freedom Hamilton American VOLUME ONE SPLIT-Run American Split-A versus Hamilton-Ame therrican(Split-B My life Just Being Where other End. This from Second book also Our Next Evolution God-Men

  41. I have been SPLIT-sign up otheror 12 meeting free with Mark Hamilton so far as I like what read an Three second merie An God Men the Twelve Vision Party The New Millennium The Twelve Visions world Universal Wealth Health Peace.Freedom Hamilton American VOLUME ONE SPLIT-Run American Split-A versus Hamilton-Ame therrican(Split-B My life Just Being Where other End.

  42. I am very new neothinkmember so far l think you for bring a broad
    I have three book. An just sent for manuscript in had I
    N Fridays today online the.mention was teaching. How be the best market and coaches throw I lost my debit card coaches for $10.00 plus 1000 free I hope don’t lost my changing to learn form best inner circle. I would like to going classroom right on jobs. To Master all OF the class roommates Online God Bless. Let get on T

  43. Lawrence Mooneyham says:

    Hi Mark I am a 70 year old man who has certainly seen a lot in my lifetime.
    Even so, I got a lot out of reading your books I am on the 3rd one now and am very excited about what’s possible.
    You’ve truly opened my eyes to a lot of things, and I thank you for that.

    However, I find myself in serious financial need at this time in my life.

    My question is this: Do you think that Neothink will help me create financial wealth for myself and my family, even at this stage of my life? I feel rich & wealthy in many other ways (love,health,friends,happiness),but feel like the true financial abundance that I’ve always craved has eluded me up to this point.

  44. Joseph Mabiala says:

    Joseph Mabiala i am so greet to start my first level Secret Meeting with my Mentor Mr Mark Hamilton and i am currently on the 3rd Heirloom book and it is all so fascinating but right now i am not working ,i am in the back to work program to find a job and one thing i know soon i will get job and when i will get that job i will be able to start doing every thing i am learning because my Mentor said i have to start from my job site first and also i am still planning how to do my own business to create my mini company , and i thank you so much Mr Mark Hamilton to choose me as Neothink Member and to teach me these secret knowledge will help me to be wealth,rich one day and i thank God so much to meet and find you in my life.

  45. Verdain says:

    First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you Mark Hamilton, my mentor how grateful I am to even share anything with you. In this life, very few tend to share anything valuable with others, mostly when it comes to wealth, love and happiness. May be you know me more than anybody on the face of the earth, may be you don’t. Either way, Mark, having a sense of belonging to something as huge as the society is priceless. Now anyone who feels like calling me a simple-minded person, go ahead, but I know for a fact within few years, thanks to Mark’s teachings and coachings, i will be on the map and i will have the last laugh. Why? Because I believe in Mark, I believe in myself and I believe in Mark’s secrets. About everything in life is a gamble only because people get into it with a 50/50 attitude, meaning they are unable to give it their best shot because they are not doing everthing that is required to achieve what they think they want the most. Mark, you have betted on me, right now, i am a bit fuzzy on the secrets and the principles, may be because I didn’t get a chance to finish any of the books, but when it all said and done, I know I am gonna be the recipient of everything I ever wanted for my family and i ask nothing but to validate your theories and your secrets. I WILL CREATE the Gachette dysnasty……and I will make the society proud. I don’t know how yet but I know I will, because I BELIEVE. Archimedes once said “Give a lever and I will move the earth”. Mark, “Thanks for the lever, now I will manage to move the earth….with your coaching. All I ask for is patience…I WILL come through for the society, for my family and last but not least for me. I want it so bad that i can taste it.

  46. kathy waggoner says:

    I have recently received and am reading your book – Neothink.. enjoying it tremendously although I cant read through as I wish with my full/tight schedule. anxious to find the book how to raise a genius by Belle… I have 10 children of my own all grown with 35 grandchildren and two one the way. I really would like to spend less time at work and more time with them, but cant afford to not work at this time. I struggle, yet I DO know that I have more potential if I can just get out of this hamster wheel and slow down enough to have think and dream time. I am very excited with the invitation and excited that I have found this website. I struggled to come up with the money for the book and while things are tight on this wheel, I will find a way to be able to eventually join this training. in the meantime, however,I am interested in anything that you wish to share with me.

  47. Nagnouma Komah says:

    Hi Mark is Nagnouma from Bridgeport I am very excite for my progress. I know think are changing, yesterday I was listening the conference with charley. he said the member has to motivate other people but the first time I was introduce, it was said to keep as secret. Did I can reveal to any body I feel confident. If said things are changing because I am things always now for my business with I want to do but I am always stack financially . I don’t this society will be big ,just we need patience to make people understood about immortality. Immortality is new word for them like my self , we suffering so they are waiting for the end which is the last choose.

  48. Patricia Darbouze says:

    I am very interested in meeting the first biological immortal. It is very intriguing. How old is this person?

  49. Thelma Pearl says:


    I’m an open-minded, enlightened 85-year old woman who has certainly seen a lot in my long lifetime.
    Even so, I really got a LOT out of reading your books (I’m about to start the 3rd one in a couple of days), and am very excited about what’s possible!
    You’ve truly opened my eyes to a lot of things, and I thank you for that.

    However, I find myself in serious financial need at this time in my life.

    My question is this: Do you think that NeoThink will help me create financial wealth for myself and my sons, even at this stage of my life? I feel rich & wealthy in many other ways (love, health, friends, happiness), but feel like the true financial abundance that I’ve always craved has eluded me up to this point.

    Any words of wisdom or insight will be greatly appreciated and deeply pondered!

    I’ve also introduced my youngest son to your books, because I feel like he will really benefit from your knowledge.

    Thank you,

  50. Dallas Rhoads says:

    I am currently on the 3rd heirloom book and I found it all so fascinating. My only concern is that im currently at a dead-end job as a maintenance worker, and I have not realized how to start my inegrated thinking process. I kind of understand the mini day/ power thinking aspect, but dont no how to apply myself towards it. Will I still be able to learn it and put them into motion?

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