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Welcome to Your Secret Meetings Site

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Welcome to your own Secret Meetings Website. Each month, for the next 12 months, based on your account, you will have access to your personal next level.

Every thirty days your Secret Meeting level will automatically be advanced to the next level. You will find your levels in the right hand column section “Your Secret Meetings”.

Your Neothink® Society has, like any other great organization, been evolving, Neo-Tech, SOS, Society of Secrets are all discussed within your Secret Meetings. They all are now “Neothink®” and Your Neothink® Society”.

All of the information within your next 12 months of  Secret Meetings with your mentor, Mark Hamilton is presented in Flash format. Flash is todays most viewed format and functions with all computers and browsers. Please ensure that your Flash is upgraded to the latest version. You can check for FLASH updates here.

NOTICE: Some of the FLASH videos have instuctions to play full screen, these are no longer valid. To play full screen click on the icon as noted:


Once again, Welcome to Your Secret Meetings. Enjoy your journey.


555 Responses to “Welcome to Your Secret Meetings Site”
  1. Kenneth Miles says:

    I am in the process of watching all of the levels again so much information, thanks again Mark.

  2. sherri pickel says:

    I,m excited and a little nervous to be invited to join your group! I feel you came to me just when I needed a new path in life, and I hope I can fulfill your expectations, Sherri

  3. george houseman says:

    I just typed a comment did it go through?

  4. Ella Mae Murphy says:

    I’ve never heard of any thing like this “Neothink society” before, but I’m interested. May I say moved. To integrate and build puzzle pieces, and pictures. To receive knowledge from within is really excitement to me, not to follow others,as what as always been. But to find it all inside your brain. I’m ready to learn how to integrate knowledge from within. Value producer to a value created. Precepts to concepts denominators. I want to learn it all now, all levels up to Neothink godman. I’m ready to be healthy,wealthy,happy, and powerful. Love,smart,and luck. Romance,beautiful big home, New car… Etc. I’m moved and excited, surprized, I didn’t know that there was another way better way to get knowledge and always having it and adding more. Instead of forgetting it all, and having to remember all over. Stagnation trap, but instead to integrate knowledge. Neothink Society. I’m ready if you’re ready to teach me. My mentor Mr. Mark Hamilton. Thank you in advance: Yours truly. Ella Mae Murphy

  5. Robert Henry says:

    Hello Mark,

    As I entered your site, at first it wouldn’t let me on but after repeated attempts I was able to get us together…Keep thinking that if you had the web link up where I could select your program and get it sent to me that would be so much better than the way it is now…
    Many thought keep soaring through my head…How to save the world? Oh my Gosh..
    Wow what a statement…How will I save the WORLD…Come on give me a break…Can’t even save my own son because he lives to far away…How do I think I’m going to save the World?
    What I need is to travel in time to the point I become successful…That would be priceless…Why do you suppose that when I tell someone that of your vision of my life they laugh–Ha, Ha, Ha…
    My own children won’t even believe me because I’ve been searching for so long, it’s as if I’m retarded…
    That’s what really hurts, my own children won’t believe in me…We’ve been apart for many years but I always let them know that they are my everything..Very self-centered children, who takes after me–lol.

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