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Welcome to Your Secret Meetings Site

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Welcome to your own Secret Meetings Website. Each month, for the next 12 months, based on your account, you will have access to your personal next level.

Every thirty days your Secret Meeting level will automatically be advanced to the next level. You will find your levels in the right hand column section “Your Secret Meetings”.

Your Neothink® Society has, like any other great organization, been evolving, Neo-Tech, SOS, Society of Secrets are all discussed within your Secret Meetings. They all are now “Neothink®” and Your Neothink® Society”.

All of the information within your next 12 months of  Secret Meetings with your mentor, Mark Hamilton is presented in Flash format. Flash is todays most viewed format and functions with all computers and browsers. Please ensure that your Flash is upgraded to the latest version. You can check for FLASH updates here.

NOTICE: Some of the FLASH videos have instuctions to play full screen, these are no longer valid. To play full screen click on the icon as noted:


Once again, Welcome to Your Secret Meetings. Enjoy your journey.


458 Responses to “Welcome to Your Secret Meetings Site”
  1. Franklin Gordon says:

    Dear Mark: I have really loved reading the three neothink books. The one thing that I have taken away from my reading is I now know the person I was meant to be. Now I am working on my Friday Night Essence and looking forward to the next two months. Thank you for helping create the Self Leader System in me.

  2. Daniel H. Schultz says:

    Dear Mark;
    I got my letter today that the meetings would be here on the internet – ask my kids I stink at doing things on the internet.

    Then as I scroll down through the various notes people write; I now feel like someone pushed me in a marina of yachts = in the water I don’t even have a row – boat; let alone a pleasure craft.

    So many times I tried to work with Anthony = the guy on the internet who could teach anyone; He saved his family, when his Dad had trouble and lost everything in the stock market. Yet, I couldn’t work it out.

    No, I’m not quitting on the first day = I’m not even in yet to work on what to do.

    Hence, I go back to the top & hope I don’t end up out side and have to come back in.

    God Speed – In christian Love – Daniel H. Schultz

  3. christopher jenkins says:

    mark, is there anyway I can get a copy of my accout for the neotech shopping cart for the how to be successful, and turnkey secrets, and ageing books, I had a shopping cart for a down line.
    and my google crashed.

  4. christopher keith jenkins says:

    im on level 11 and ive got about a month and a half to go to watch the level 12.
    also can I get the shopping cart info for the turn-key secrets, and all that stuff on ageing.

  5. christopher keith jenkins says:

    mark, this is important…
    could I get a copy of the book sellers program, with my shopping cart.
    I had my own personal downline, but my google crashed, and I couldn’t locate the email.
    that’s crazy because I know the inventer of google, mr taylor.
    or can you direct me to my downline, and am I currently eligible to join the website, because it sounded like you were kicking people out.
    for unspoken reasons.
    I still get your emails, and doc morris writes me, so just checking.

  6. shirley jacobsen says:

    I would like to create an online website for your prospects to join the TVP plus an email list of appropriate candidates you deem qualified. Also, I would like to be part of the foundation network to set up the great technological revolution.

  7. Steven Christie says:

    I thought this was an interesting idea that might be an intermediate step in getting to the TVP world with a protection-only government. The idea is to utilize the internet to allow the people to directly vote on all proposals and to eliminate the political “representatives” in congress, etc. who do the voting now. This clip is an exerpt from the article “Can the Internet Also Replace Career Politicians” by Martin Armstrong on his blog section of his website at http://armstrongeconomics.com/armstrong_economics_blog/ :

    Today, I believe with the internet we are closer to that concept of reforming society that was Thatcher’s real idea to make the people more responsible. The internet can replace career politicians if we each had to vote on a proposal. Just think about it. No stuffing unrelated special deals for people who pay. No more lobbying and free trips or pay-offs to start wars. No more militarization of police to protect government from the people.

    Local libraries can have a voting booth for those without a computer. One vote per tax id number – i.e. SCC# in the USA. Technology can eliminate all currency and we move to electronic, but we can also take it to the next step and replace career politicians. Just think how different the future will be. Margaret – your dream may one day be reached with a responsible engaged public. If you can poll the people and show Obama’s rating is at best 39%, you can expect those people to also vote from their laptop.

  8. David Shrum, PhD says:

    Dear Mark: I have thoroughly enjoyed the three neothing books. One thing I have learned by reading the trilogy of NeoThink books is I have been living my FNE, as a Value Creator by the changes in patients lives, their self-esteem, and pride blossoming once they receive their new smiles I create that brings out these qualities in their lives they have been missing. What I am working on from your books is the mini days, etc. as I work indpendantly as well as eight other clinics, and at 68, have no disire to slow down. As I have read in the other posts, I have now idea how you came to contact me, but after reading the books, and applying what I have read, I am grateful someone took the time to refer me to the Neo Think Society and I am looking forward to joining the Society and getting involvede with the meetings, etc.
    Thank you again, Denturedoc

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