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Secret Meetings

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Secret Meetings

You now have access to all of your secret meetings though our new evolving Neothink® Society Membership Website. Your journey with your mentor Mark Hamilton begins now!

As you progress through your 12 Levels journey, each month you will gain access to the next level. This occurs about 33 days from the prior level.


448 Responses to “Secret Meetings”
  1. Juanita Heckel says:

    Hi Mark, I am very excited about entering into the Neo-Thec meetings. I have been out of town working our seasonal business in Montana, but I will be returning home in November. I had the opportunity this past summer to restore the second level of an historical home in Bozeman. It is beautiful and I have practiced my Neothink ethics along the way. Thank-you Mark Hamilton for becoming my mentor and leading me to the visions that will bring health, happiness, and prosperity.

  2. marshall toomey says:

    Dear Mark, I am so sorry to hear about your father. What a great man. I wanted Miss Annabelle’s story to be completed, so we could get him back now. His energy is out there, we know it. I’m proud of my success so far and that you are my mentor. I never would have thought my mind would be working in this direction in my life, but I’m very,very excited. I already use NEOTHINK in everything I do all the time. Dispite hard times, I’m still very happy. I will excell because our Society. All the best, and don’t worry I’ll get your fathers book for the $1500 price once we become a success. Marshall

  3. Pauline Gauthier says:

    I’m not sure where to start. I am at Level 2 and desperately want to find my FNE and 10 second miracle but I sincerely believe that at my age of 66, and being retired, I am unable to do the homework you mentioned in Level 2 video toward using the numbers to help bring us to the 10 second miracle. I do not work, nor am I in an environment where I can apply this. So where do I go from here to even look for my 10 second miracle? And how am I going to be able to participate with Level 3 assignment which is pursuant to improving us to getting to our 10 second miracle? I am an active member, but I am not getting answers on chat, and do not know how to access a mentor, nor can I locate any clubhouse in my area (Tampa Bay area) Fl. Have tried to reach a local, but I am getting no reply, but was able to contact Miss Nellie Hayes, who is fabulous by the way, and she said that she is aware of 3-4 peopl in my area and would try to get us together when she can. I know she is a busy lady. I believe a clubhouse is just what I need to get me going. I believe in Neothink and know that Jill Reed is a must to become our Presiden in order to save humanity from fraud, dishonesty and political power. Depoliticize is exactly what is needed to begin the process of value creators. So I believe in you Mark Hamlton and I desperately hope that this counry will be saved with our NeoThink Society. I would so much appreciate hearing from you. Thank you

  4. doug guedel says:

    where and when

  5. mark disney says:

    Dear Mr. Hamilton, i am not sure where to start so many things that i thought i believed in have now been shown to me to be wrong. I have truly felt for some time that there must be more and now that i am catching a glimpse of these things i just try and hold on day by day and keep my hopes up that something good is soon to happen to and for me. I am so looking forward to the day i get to meet you. I have much reading to do to get all of this read but i keep plugging away, cause i do believe in me. I am wanting change so bad at times it hurts.

  6. Veleda Middleton says:

    Mr.Hamilton- this is Veleda Middleton im hear to tell you im very excited and patiently waiting to meet you in person and i thank u for giving me hope to live a better life and live the life i have always wanted to live im so happy to join every meeting and to upheld every secret and knowledge i learn with every book i receive thank you and have a wonderful day

  7. Brian Martinez says:

    Mr. Hamilton,

    I am currently finishing the last of the books out of the Heirloom Package with all the definitive answers.

    I am intrigued at the Information I have learned. I am also struggling in my life like the others on here.

    I am wondering how are the others that cannot buy their books due to unfortunate events get to move forward wit the rest of us?

    I have all my books and need to reread and deeply absorb specific parts of the info…. I am burly holding on to a part time job that I have & I am also trying to apply as much time as possible towards my studying.

    I also know everything we say on here is part of your test in THE NEOTHINK SOCIETY.

    I would like and look froward to meeting other members in my area if all possible.

    I hope to be one of our top people in NEOTHINK.

    I would also like to see if I could order the book on card playing.

    I am realizing my Friday night essence slowly but surely.

    Again , How are people that cannot buy your books supposed to move forward into NEOTHINK?

    I myself want to advance as quick as possible into and above my current and present place in life & have broken several boundaries that I for a long time was stagnant on.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Brian Martinez ( A.K.A.: BR1ZE23 )

  8. Sharleen B. says:

    Mark I am sorry I was unable to get the money for the last book but I lost my apartment & have now moved in with one of my kids. I tried loans, & other ways to get the money for the last book. I couldn’t get any help. It seems like bad things keep happening to me & now that I came back to Michigan it is happening here. I don’t understand this last year has been the worst I have had in years. My mom went into the hospital, after surgery, then she came home & that morning my grandson went in. The daughter I am staying with last her job, we tried to get a loan, we were turned down. Then I tried to get on for the meeting & I can’t seem to ever do that . [Do not post personal information on the internet.]

  9. Lorelei Wade says:


    I am presently raising three grandchildren, my youngest daughter died of heart failure and some of the things we enjoyed doing were going to concerts attending meetings with me on Friday evenings and dances on weekends or conventions that were being held in different states. These things were a regular for us. So correct me if I’m wrong but its different today and I have to question some things the children would enjoy doing. I believe in this world today its important to have them involved in activities that are just not for enjoyment but learning experiences as well. Something that will influence their lives for years to come as enjoyable memories.

    Reducing boredom as much as possible is important in this day and age with the children. The problem is the economy and very limited funds so we dont really do as much and we have to brainstorm abouy family fun time. My daughter got so much more. I think its very important to maintain Friday night essence. Thinking of the children and their different interest. I try to make up enjoyable activities when possible that they will like. When I’m not successful I try to look at what we can do on occasion. I hope my thoughts are in the right direction. I understand the importance of finding time for self but how do you accomplish it when you’re struggling to make the childrens lives have meaning? I guess this is something I am going to have too study more for self but as you have said in a year I should be in a better place with more knowledge. The Friday essence and its fulfilment will have a lot more meaning. I must say however, that I do enjoy doing things with the children when we can. The information and learning is incredible.

    Thanks Mark for the information and the education that I am now being exposed to.


  10. reginald says:

    I ordered 3 books of Mark and I enjoyed the reading all the time. After I read the books of the NT Discovery, I relised that I have the potential to start my own business and it feels good to have your own business.I’m from South Africa and I’m looking for business part time partner in the UNITED STATES to help me with my company.

  11. Brian Martinez says:

    I am tinking,

    I look forward to excelling in our society…. bring it on!

  12. Jose Martinez says:

    Greetings to Mr. Mark Hamilton and Fellow Neotech Members! Enjoyed my first meeting and excited/looking forward to future meetings and also excited about meeting others that can help me to advance to higher levels. I must admit that I to have not fully completed the reading of the Heirloom Package due to life in general. However, I do pick-up where I left off every spair moment that i hvae. I enjoy emerging myself in the study of the books. I am a retired disabled Marine looking to better myself and circumstances by overcomming my disabilities and using every brain cell humanly possible to advance myself and family financially. I believe that this can all be accomplished through the Neothink Society. Thank you Neothink Elders for Choosing me and giving me this wonderfull oppertunity to excell in this world of Neocheaters!

  13. james moon says:

    reading all of these writers responses has made me cry;nay i say!to leap in joy and abadon for the coming civilization of this universe!!i cannot wait;How do i abadan this paltry (for me anyway) the way,i am deaf,have almost no hearing in 1 ear-;never mind the other -I-nevermind;i am accepting disability,and feel i have no choice in this;fed taxes are being taken out??!@!!i have been like a sheep for most of my life;to be given the(weapons to fight back),is a miracle.!the Prime law has given a new outlook on life-being a little naive,are we?they are going to fight!and fight hard!!since i am only level 1–i have been for some time aware that astronomers(pro and otherwise);;so i know manipulation of the news has been going on for a long in the heck did you and your father did think this through!!I need help though to achieve this friday-night essence and downstream focus(I can feel and taste it)Dr Hamilton-to achieve self-integrated honesty with oneself—all else follows-how does 1 _do this?I left an earlier comment to this. i guess i am not too bright.Im sorry for your loss…quantum computer or not.thank you for listening to my frustrations and crap—to say that the manifold truths that you and father have discovered-understatement of the this forthcoming revelution!!

  14. Shilah Castonguay says:

    Mark, you are the greatest thing i have ever heard of. I gave up my job to become strickly neothink. As the email I sent you earlier as you already know my sister has passed. i was planning on comming to the neo think convention in Chicago, but i can’t make it because I have to go and plan my sisters funeral. maybe I can come to next one.

  15. Lazarus Jaji says:

    I was begining to wonnder if I would ever have this opportunity to have access the way way it has happened today–Indeed it gives me goose bumps THANT YOU VERY MUCH, MARK HAMILTON!! As I see this as my Hallelua DAY I DEEPLY APPRECIATE THAT THE CURSE i THOUGHT WILL NOW BE WIPED OUT.

    With tears of joy I look ahead with deeper faith that I now have the KEY to to unlock all my challenges over all these past years of my life,AGAIN allow me to say thank you,

    Overjoyed, Lazarus. 7/8/2012

  16. Shayla Nelson says:

    Hi, Mark Hamiltion. It is amazing first secret meeting that I’ve ever been invited to and I can’t wait for more of those secret meetings to come also it has shows me a way to make my breakthrough from stangation that I’ve been living all this whole times of my life and I thought that I was having a curse on me becausr I’ve not been having a good life or good lucks with anyting that I’ve tried ti get or acheives my goals of what I wanted to happens for myself and it still have not find my success, yet. I have a couple questions to ask you. How can I find my Friday Night Essence because I have not found it yet can you help me? I need help with making communication and connecting with my inner child? How can we make our achievements or goals in the society that we’re living today but we was supposed to be living onto the prime laws? Is that possible to make our lives from stagnation into becoming the person we were meant to be?

  17. Jorge Garcia says:

    Hello Mr. Hamilton, I am reading up and studying the “mini-day” applications to work. You works are reminders to me that often in my lifetime I hoped to work with person(s) like yourself and others of like mindedness.
    Your skill at writing is very impressive and brings home the value of life in a very real sense. Truth is so very powerful, and can be so fleeting; as a value producers(I am very good at marketing and sales) and a value creator (I am an inventor)my wish is to find people to trust with whom I can actually build wonderful things for everyone to enjoy, earn and share with.
    Maybe, just maybe your society has just some of these like minded people with whom I can grow so much prosperity .. and have fun doing it, with them too! After all! If you know it works and is fun ..when you build it they will come..! and of course all this can pay handsomely to the forward momentum of curing us of death!

  18. Rudolph Renda says:

    Keep up the good work. Keep us thinking.

  19. miguel thomas says:

    i would like to know how on where to go so that i can get my up to date meetings,am new here?

  20. Susan Langley says:

    Dear Mark , I have been anxiously waiting for the next meeting and am concerned it has been longer than 33 days and I don’t want to miss any teachings. I have moved to my own place and have no money to pay for the monthly fee to chat with other members. I have also tried to get in touch with those here in my area and have had no luck. What would you recommend? I did receive your invitation to the last book that your father worked on and I am very sorry for your loss. I can’t get that either. I hope that some day I can get money I need to proceed with collecting more info from you as well as live the life I was meant to live. I would still like to know how I was chosen for this.

  21. janice johnson says:

    mark i would love too have the book. but i have lelt my job hopeing i would have won the money they told me i won. so i dont have money at all. now what do i do. i was working at walmart over nights. man it kept me form reading the neothink books your friend janice j..

  22. gerald grady says:

    “EVERYDAY ESSENCE” Just the other day i was sitting in a bar, having my daily occassional beer, deeply invloved in a discussion with friends. When I was approached by a very well dressed, beautiful woman (this has happened before), interupted our talk to ask me, “why are all these people around you, why does it seem like everyone in here is listening to you”? Before I could begin to respond, she cut me off, to say, “are you somebody famous, do you have a wife or something”? When the laughter from the group erupted, I could see her demeanor shift, eyes went thin, like slits of lioness on the hunt for it’s daily feeding. With a soft ssshhh!, I slipped my hand around her arm, then her waist so as to guide her, far her meal. Like a cunning lioness, I could feel her body relax under my grip. As I have done on so many occassions, I ushered the smooth beauty to a quiet corner, already full of ambiance. Let her slip into her chair, then mine. Once settled in, she began to ask her barrage of questions again. With a slight wave of the hand she stopped speaking. I then proceeded to tell her that we were discussing the benefits of a person who conditions their mind as well as their bodies. Of course, with that she instantly knew (at least in her mind), that I wasn’t famous. Feeling that she was really searching for that ’something else’, I kindly obliged. Starting with teaching her the finer points of sharpening one’s mind, we got into the body. As I spun a web of physical positions and conditions to address one’s soul, I could visibly see the heavy rise and fall of her chest yet it almost seemed to be in slow motion. I could tell she was reading my every movement, from the story that my hands told, to the purse of my lips cast from each word spoken, to the confident and strong animalistic behavior that took me years to perfect. She was sold… another soldier for the Twelve Visions Party. You see, men can have a hidden agenda also…as long as it’s with fully intergrated honesty! I simply asked her, “is that famous enough for you or must I do more and with that we enjoyed dinner and dancing”! GOOD NITE EVERYDAY ESSENCE…. “would you tell me another bedtime story? Please uncle Gerald”? OH, ALRIGHT! NEOTHINK!

  23. gerald grady says:

    “FULLY INTERGRATED HONESTY PART II” Dr. Mark Hamilton, in my humble opinion, has, in his divine essence, captured the greatest superpuzzle outside of life itself. For that matter, this one, we get to witness and be apart of. Being apart of history on any level, let alone world changing, so that our society may take it’s rightful place. Hell yeah! I’m in, where do I sing up? Hell, I fell for much worse (not comparing), just the other day! I predict that this won’t be hard at all, not at all. The people are hungry, little by little more of what we have (dignity, self respect, that sense of ‘I-NESS’) is being lost, stripped away and for what, ‘the good of the people’. You know what, miss me on that one. As a matter of fact don’t even call my name when you’re passing that out. Instead, a friend of mine told me about Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party and they was passing out LIFE-BIOLOGICAL IMMORTALITY! You know what, I’m gonna go get some of that! Now that I think about it you should come with…. That’s what will happen, with rapid speed (like technology did for computers/prices fell), word of mouth, then the buzz. Too late, they’ve gone global. Picking up and reading the news paper during this uplift, will quitely become one of life’s most enjoyable moments. Stepping out on the back terrace, overlooking a vast sea of fresh green grass, the fresh air, the rudimentary sound of children’s laughter and off in the distance, the familiar sound of an icecream truck. The thought crosses my mind, “I can’t even remember the last time I heard an icecream truck. Let alone, seen one (for some). Well, back to the now. Currently I’m multi-tasking, t.v., music, exercising, neothinking, snacking, keeping the family safe, cooking dinner, intergrating a two week plan and intergrating with my mentor. I ve always been use to such task and I might add, run each of them with ease and efficiency, simultaneuosly, military upbringing and background. Now, with my new package of secrets my creativity flourishes. I wonder what’s going to happen when it all comes together? Being the person I was meant to be is gonna be different. I mean, have I ever met that person before and if so, will I remember him? I think so. I think he’ll be that little nine year old, you know the one asking all of those questions and talking about his dreams. Yeah, that one! And I’m sure I’ll be pleased to meet him!

  24. gerald grady says:

    “FULLY INTERGRATED HONESTY” – Mark, your vision is not in it’s infant stage. Not by far, there lies only two basics: The Twelve Visions Party (Prime Law) and Neothink Society of Secrets. All else requires initiatory force, !$#%~&*(((, will be there outcome!!! Every since I’ve identified one my Friday Night Essences, I can’t stop writing. I figured who better to write to than my Mentor and share my inner most thoughts with him. So here we go… let’s take the word dishonest. Now, we know that word to mean, opposite of honest, not trustworthy, deciet and ultimately with evil intent. When your neighbor or co-worker, exhibits dihonesty, one immediately retreats. Yet, when that same level of dishonesty is displayed in the form of, ‘for the social good’, we embrace the dogma of it all as if it were our first born child. No worries, we’ve all been fed that same drug for 3000 years. The Twelve Visions Party and the Neothink Society of Secrets have been laying the grass roots, planting the seeds if you will, for our journey into the evolution of God-Man. What I see, what I feel brings me excitement for our future and our children and grandchildren’s lives. If ever a person wanted to have hope for something, then this my friend is ‘it’! When my kids were born, all that I ever wanted was for them to have the things I didn’t have, to have a head start, educationally and financially. I now have the insurance of NTSOS and eventually the TVP… I guess you can say that I’m feeling pretty good right about now! My creative juices have been soaring, nonstop! I’ve created my first supperpuzzle and it is unbelieveble! Are you serious! My intergrated thoughts, brought forth by fully intergrated honesty, smells like a recipe for success to me! I think what’s most striking to me is that are kids and their kids will be smarter than any one of past generations. Growing up in a fully intergrated honest society will have an immediate advantage for they will not have ever known the likings of the anticivilation. Thinking in relative terms, centers my mind on the thought of people dancing and rejoicing in the streets of every city in every state. Damn! The only word on the lips of mankind. After that comes a stream of thoughts, ranging from, finally!, I don’t believe it, to, I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it for myself, to, no way-way!, yeah!, whoooo! oh God, thank you, I knew you would answer our prayers, tears of sorrow, tears of joy, unredeemable pain, unforgiving anger, to elation! to a never returning dark cloud, what di I do next, to, convincing yourself this is really real, to pinching yourself, to starting fresh, to starting new and to all of our loved ones who are not here with us today to share in this validation of the 400 LAMBS!

  25. gerald grady says:

    The Prime Law is the most unified basic fundamental instrument that will eradicate all mysticism plagueing our civilization. The Prime Law is masterfully crafted, an undeniable manuscript set forth to identify the very polarizing behavior and mass genocide that have damned our very existence for thousands of years. So true is that, we have been born even indoctrinated into a routine rut, hypnotized robot like mentality. Falling into our various social classes and daily regimes, that even when the worst of the worst is knocking on our door we seem to ignore it. Any adverse effect will be short lived, only to be replaced by a mystical feeling of euphoria. When that wears, our minds seek other dynamics to replace that false high. Almost never does one look inward for their rewards and triumphs. The answers has always, always lied within you. The Prime Law immediately puts that back in place, without hesitation or fear. This unmistakable paradigm is absolutely what would have saved our civilization 3000 years ago. Government for all it’s intents and purposes, did not want or could not risk giving the power to the people. For then how could they “rule”, how could there be the haves and the have nots. Oh!, this is how and guess what, our ancestors already have everything in place. All we have to do is plagerize some of this doctrine, then inject some of this “fuck you” (man law) and we could control everything and be rich as hell! A loud roar came from the small group of men! And there you have it, the place and time we live in today. The Prime Law immediately identifies the individual and their most basic needs, thus setting off the greatest explosion known to ‘our kind of man’. The “Get the People Rich/Millionaire Phenomenon” will impact that core part of a mans soul, the passion that one feels through value creation, love for family and the piece of mind to prosper, free from all regulartory infringement. WOW! What a day that will be. A celebration of epic proportions unbeknownst to man. A civilization free form all tyranny is a “Civilization of Universe”. With the unprecedented new, ‘Twelve Visions Party’, groundbreaking technology will soar while prices fall thus making everyone rich! It will truely be a blessed day when the parsitical career politician no longer has his entitlements (for the social good), to use to prey upon the soldiers of the universe (the new masses). No longer will man insert ‘his will’ over man, Prime Law says so. No longer will man use initiatory force or forced regulations to usurp unearned power over anyone anymore! Wow, It feels really good to say that, to think it and to know it to be true. The Twelve Visions Party reinvigorates one’s true essence. With unhendered and unfethered access to ever evolving technology our dreams will become our creations and our creations will become our playtime. The super genius’s of society will be released to bring forth an explosion of health and safety. Those career politicians do not want this and will fight tooth and nail. Why? Because their very livelyhoods depend on it and ‘rule over’ is all they know how to do. The Twelve Visions Party backed by Neothink Society of Secrets and our mission to eradicate all forms of mysticism and ultimately achieve biological immortality is culmination of the dedicated achievements of “Our Fore Fathers”. TO THE LATE GREAT DR. FRANK R. WALLACE, I ONLY WISHED THAT I COULD HAVE BEEN IN YOUR PRESENCE (WE MAY BE CLOSER TO YOU THAN TIME WILL TELL), TO MY MENTOR AND THE SOLE REASON FOR MY MAGNIFICENT TRANSFORMATION AND FOUNDER OF THE NEOTHINK PACKAGE OF SECRETS, DR. MARK HAMILTON (CREATE MY BROTHER, CREATE-FOR I KNOW THAT’S WHEN YOU ARE MOST AT PEACE), LET’S NOT FORGET DR. HAMILTON’S MOTHER (LATE GREAT), WHOM DELIVERED TO US THE BREAKTHROUGH TO ENLIGHTMENT PACKAGE OF SECRETS AND FOR BROTHER ED SAVAGE (WHOM I’LL AFFECTIONATLY CALL ‘DOC’)FOR HIS AMAZING CONTRIBUTIONS. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

  26. Gerald Grady says:

    Just wanted to share something I thought was funny. Over the past month I have been recieving literature from a number of psychics and clarivoyant, telling me of the many amazing things that are going to come my way. One even said that he would be my personal psychic and guide me to wealth beyond imagination. HA! HA! They must have found out what we already know! HA! HA!

  27. Brandon John Darrett says:

    Goodafternoon Sir i am 19 years old with a dream of becoming a successful entraupanour in the Music industry,will reading the inside secrets open up my mind and really allow me to be the man im destined to be?

  28. Gerald Grady says:

    I am at Level 1, will I have to complete all 12 Levels before I am able to share in my gifts and talents?

  29. Gerald Grady says:

    To my Mentor and Neothink brother Mark Hamilton:

    After recieving your letter and hearing of the news of your (our) father, it saddened me. It took me some time to absorb that heart felt blow. My strength came from your shared expression of your son Mark (Markie) and what forward movement must be taken. Once again Dr.Frank R. Wallace and yourself bring forth the intergrations that will transcend our society into the Civilization of the Universe. As always, I eagerly look forward to my next package. I know that I must have these core of techniques, to share in Dr. Wallace’s journey. Again I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for allowing me to be apart of the Neothink Society and the C of U. THANK YOU!

  30. Leonce White says:

    Hi Mark, my name is Leonce W. and first of all I just want to say thank you for this awesome opportunity to learn, grow, and become an integrated person 24/7. I look forward to absorbing all of the knowledge you and your colleagues are willing to share.

  31. ALEX NICOLAS says:

    Hi Mr Mark Hamilton ;as a taxi driver in new york city I dont find my self into the NEOTHINK society yet can you help me?

  32. David Smith says:

    Dear Mark, I only know you by your writings. I read your three books in 2007 and I want to thank you for opening my mind to think about things in a different light. Although I was granted a free memberhip to the Neothink Society and given a Membership I.D. number I have never used it. Until recently I had the knowledge and understanding of Neo-think but never really applied it. I was hit with a Ten Second Miracle a few days ago, and I can now see how I can apply Neothink to a situation I have, wherein; I am in a battle with the anti-civilization. The power I possess because of Neothink gives me a weapon to fight with and I want to thank you for that.
    I am saddened by the ignorance of man and I am saddened by the unenlightened who will never know all the wonderful things they could have if they would just change their way of thinking and quit letting conventional wisdom be their guide.
    I hope to win my battle soon and would love to share my experience with the Nouveau Tech Society. I have an I.Q. that scares a lot of people and it is hard for me to communicate with uneducated and close-minded people. I also have many inventions and ideas I want to use to expand the concepts of Nouveau Tech but, again, there is the ignorance to overcome….where an old adage applies; “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”
    More later.

  33. Paul E Sherrick says:

    I’m responding to level 10 Meeting, I notice level 11 is here and thought I had better hurry and get it this done I haven’t Listened to any of Eleven because I want to concentrate on Ten first .
    I feel that a second life has begun for me. I have petty much lived My life now at Seventy Five. You probably do not know but I had the opportunity to join Your society many years ago. I believe it was the same society because the letter read the same. A letter like that, one doesn’t forget. Easy
    What turned me off was the idea of me being Rich. The rich people that I knew were all Cought up in them self ,rude and unkind people. Those kind of people are hard for me to talk to My story seamed too take and unseemly turn. because I through the letter in the trash can and never read it again. but all my life I remember what it said.
    I was just starting a business in construction of family homes. All my life I dreamed of being a building contractor. That was my FNE come true and also about that time I meant a beautiful girl . She was 25 and I was 35 and she is still with Me after 40 years of marriage (my romantic love)
    I have always been a value crater in everything I do. I love to build and invent things. I Have held ideas in my mind for years Because I didn’t know how to develop them or trust shearing my inventions with others I Even still have some Ideas still there in my mind today but most of them have been invented by some one else. Some Ideas I was afraid to have in the hands of man. So I never told any one. Perhaps they may not have worked any how.
    10 sec Medicals are easy for me. God must have given me a mind like my fathers He was very much the same. And have many invention to his credit. Like my father I became a self Made Business man and at one time I was among the 10 Largest Builders in Salt lake City.

    I Don’t know If you understand what I’m Trying to say but I followed your teaching When I through the letter away. But I could have Done so much better with your help . When the letter came this time I did the same , I thru it away as well. But now with a self made neothink mind with in minuts I was digging through the trash to find the letter and of cores I found it. I was hit so hard with a 10 sec. Miracle That I Came flying out bed All at once .I knew how you got my name and address Because my Address was new for we had just moved into a new house after having lived in the same house for over 20 years. Your Letter was the first to reach the new house. With the correct address But I had only given the new address to one person

    I want you to know, as a desiger” I was In the big time” I Have seen my ideas Built, function correctly and shot into space .I was consider by my peers as a genesis of design.

    Now I believe that I was led to your society for a bigger reason. To see Cancer die out and not it victims, To Cure Lyme disease, and All other destructive Killers of human life. To see out Dated medical style of diseases treatment take a back seat to electronic healing with The rife machine invented in 1930 by Royal Rife That Is going to change the world, I have experience with such a machine sense 2005 to save my own life from Lyme

    I will be a good mentor. And give better then i have rcieved in the Club houses.

    Paul E Sherrick

  34. queen achakpo says:

    hi mark this is queen when do i start seeing good changings in my fianance and my love life i did send you email and brief myself to you waiting to hear from you

  35. Gary Martin says:

    Mr. Hamilton, have been through the level 3 meeting and still have many questions. Finding my Friday Night Essence Is not as easy as I thought it would be. I think once I figure it out other parts of the Neothink Puzzle should start to fall in place. Do you have any suggestions that can help me find my FNE?

  36. Joyce McDonald says:

    Hi Mark! Based on your work ethics, what would you recommend for me? I retired early three years ago at the age of 57, due to chronic vertigo, amongst other chronic conditions I’ve contracted since my childhood. Employed at a government office, around politicians, was very stressful. I was very organized. Since I retired, do to my inactivity, I’ve gone into a depression. My concentration has significately disappeared. My medications make me drowsy. To re-boot myself into a positive mode, do you recommend that I apply the Neothink system, to accomplish my personal goals of: re-organizing my household efficiency, developing a physical fitness plan and diet, etc. first, before I tackle my goal of furthering my llc business? Thank you.

  37. edward hardy says:

    Hello MR.Hamilton, first I want to thank you for introducing me to world of NEOTHINK SOCIETY and for excepting me.Sence reeding your letters and heirloom packages,the world for me will not be the same. again thank you,ED

  38. neal schaecher says:

    please help me i need money so bad my life hasa fallin apart completely

  39. Henryka Towarnicki says:

    hallo Mark -I Henryka T. After fiu days the 1 miting ,end olmost finish to riding the story Miss Annabelles buks I receywet coll from company abaut winning money.I nat boliv mach becose over 6 years I has a transaction I spent latso money ,bat people lie to me end still money from me.I olweys tynk abaut dys, .whot i has a preper the Friday ninght? i be happy if you instruct me,thank you Henryka

  40. Henryka Towarnicki says:

    Dear Mr Mark Hamilton-my name its Henryka T. I has a 1 miting,I em sorry if I writig nat clear,bat I em nat so good to writing the englisch lengwich, bat I try my best,I lern my lengwich for my salf till I cam to live in USA.I has to mach to writing to You abaut my salf, bat maybe sam day. I em very happy to riding yours book,I anderstend mach abaut dys whot you tell abaut live.I agri its truth,I has a lots expaers from ader side lives if you interesting I tell you ,bat nat today.Thank you for butiful buks,I en happy, i lost my stress, i has good track to loss wayt I work every free time, I ridind ,riding end traet to beter anderstend,I fill I do good track.I em olmost finich my best lecture you tell abaut “Miss Annabelle”s story its the best and ease to obtine to me.I emm fill its my mirico,becose I ask the god to change my live every time to pry lest 10 years I has a bleck live,I em widow,my hosbent past a way exekIi 10 years Istill single,I has a hart time to be with ader man,becose i fride to pass egen same horror, nau i see my live dyfrent way,I see houp.Thank you for every tynk you do for me ,I wish to obtine to bussines ,love, end my gift from God, I stil free I nat fride eny moor even hi send me masage.Thank you Mark God bless ,send my live Henryka If in area Chicago I meet the Neothink members live I happy to meet dem.

  41. Marvil Tice says:

    Mark – completed the 12 sessions last month and forwarded my comments to you.
    I believe my Friday Nite Essence is to open and conduct a Club House in my
    home town of Laurel, De. Howeever, I do have some quesions and would like to
    know the person to answer thses question.

    Thank you,

  42. rosie says:

    Mark, You are the greatness. I love leasoning to you and your Neothink teachings what you have done and still are doing to help all people to become what they were ment to be. Keep up the great work. Love You, Rosie

  43. John O'Connor says:

    Mr. Mark Hamilton;
    Feel for you & family, after learning about the tragedy concerning Dr. Frank R. W.
    Still a bit skeptical, mainly because of your choice of me, but will learn what you are up very soon. Just exactly what do you want from me—-money?
    Other than that curiosity the books are fantastic!. Am trying to put into use. but need more. Thank you so much, for what You’ve done for me so far.

    John O’Connor

    PS. Everyone refers to me as CON

  44. leonard broach says:

    My name is Leonard B.and I am pleased to be here. I am 69 years old and a continuing student of life. Everything I have read in the three books coincides with my learnings and experiences there will be some blending without conflicts. All the love and power to all…Leonard B.

  45. Donna Lund says:

    I have finished Level 9 and had to start over. I have learned alot from the meetings.

  46. jim hamilton says:

    I have been waiting for this day since I recieved your first letter. I am now probably over-anxious and a bit overwhelmed. I can’t wait to get started.
    The three books that I have read are fantastic and the beliefs fit me to a tee. I only hope that after this is all said and done, I will not let either you or myself down.

  47. Howard Walters says:

    Hello Mark;
    I’m 80 years old maybe I’ll learn something fron these meetings.

  48. Cynthia Horsford says:

    I feel honored to be here today. How do I request help? I’m on Social Security and it is very difficult to conduct me business, therefore I am at a standstill . Cynthia

  49. mkritter says:

    Hello Mark-
    I now work part time at my regular job and full time at my new business. Valet Coffee. You can view my web site for a better understanding of my business. [advertising link removed by moderated as they are not allowed].
    I do the mini days, I am creating values and love love love what I am doing.
    I need to create more money and I need to know what the secret that can be applied in 10 seconds. Where is it stated in the 2nd book? I have given up TV and anything else that takes me from my business or reading and studying the books. I apply what ever I can to help my business. The the booklet, I got when I ordered my first book states a couple of times about the 10 second secret. WHAT IS IT? I am ready for the 10 second secret, If it’s in the second book I am missing it, please point it out to me. Anyone who reads this and know where to find the 10 second secret let me know, thank you

  50. ken rafter says:

    Dear Mark, my name is Ken Rafter and I am on Level 1. After 28 years in my occupation and 8 years without a raise, I was laid off with no severance pay for my dedication and hard work, I was given a cold “goodbye ” As the door hit me in the ass. My wife and I are both out of a job (she was let go just before Christmas) with two little boys ages 3 and 1, I am more than ready to get started realizing my dream. I am anxiously prepared to learn more about business and the works of neocheaters so I can protect myself and others in this world. My philosophies in life and the NEOTHINK teachings are extremely similar, therefore I have a head start on your teachings and am ready to learn the methods of staying ahead of the neocheaters so I can prosper and give back to the world what it needs. Thank you for this opportunity. I believe you have reached out to the right person and I will prove it to you.

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