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Secret Meetings

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Secret Meetings

You now have access to all of your secret meetings though our new evolving Neothink® Society Membership Website. Your journey with your mentor Mark Hamilton begins now!

As you progress through your 12 Levels journey, each month you will gain access to the next level. This occurs about 33 days from the prior level.


448 Responses to “Secret Meetings”
  1. allen jernstad says:

    Mark my website was canceled by me. I will have to start another one to do what needs to be done for the tvp. I will need time and money to get the
    ball rolling. Someone has given me another member number and I am getting
    letters for a beginner again. Can you tell me why and stop this? It is a
    waste of time and material.


  2. Ali Bazzi says:

    I am so thankful to be apart of the Society. I just finished the First meeting and intend to Create lots of value by helping people and making a difference in societies eyes. Ofcourse, i am not sure what it is exactly i want to do but i am sure it will come to me. My question is how was i selected to be invited to this Society? I am just curious at how i was selected or even found. Thank you.

  3. Patricia Kifer says:

    Hi, Mark. I am sorry for the loss of your father. I lost mine in 2009 at the age of 86.
    I got most of the first meeting but missed the last question trying to type my question. I wonder how I was chosen for this opportunity. Also, I have so many things that interest me, I do not know where to begin with my Friday-Night essence. I love animals, am interested in History, how the Earth was made, the future in the stars, I love to work a variety of crosswords. Where would I start with this background?

  4. Gilberto Caraballo says:

    I think you The secret society for make me the man I am today i’ve been learning a lot about the human and holiday and why they don’t go nowhere test because the only thinking about staying in one please anchored one check after another check and they can’t even make that because they only care about that medical insurance or so the swipe that would not call underworld and they stay in this situation foreleg thank you I learned how to walk my trail and I wanted to businessmen and I’m thank you for all you done for me especially Mark

  5. Margaret Munoz says:

    I recently had my level one meeting, anxiously waiting for the next one. I continue to reread books 2 & 3. I am so motivated and engaged in my learning. I would like to know at what point can I share this with someone in my family?

  6. nancy says:

    I want to thank you for hope. you have enlightened my life without a doubt. I became very emotional reading the first book. I could not wait to come back to the book for more. Wow interesting! You mentor are a complete genius. my condolences to you for the loss of your father another brilliant man. I am looking forward to this journey, thanks again.

  7. felipe pomare says:

    Dear Mr. Hamilton, I am very interested in attending my next level 2 meeting. I tried to join the website but at present i have only a debit card which will not work to allow me to become an active member. I enjoyed the level one meeting immensely because it resonates with everything i know to be true. I am not here to just barely get by but to thrive. I truly do resonate with this philosophy of creating values through your friday night essence once i figure what that essence is. Hopefully i will be able to attend the next level 2 meeting even if i have not activated my membership yet due to not having a viable credit card yet. take care

  8. Just finished level seven. That was a lot of information to collate. I been having a little trouble with my computer so feel like I’m running behind. Level seven was good at trumping politics and religion. I am really excited about the Twelve Visions Party. Looking forward to getting by A-Team together and running smooth. I have not read any of your suggestions, because I’m unable to find the Library. Could someone e-mail me the address. I seem to be getting it wrong. Thank you Mark, for all you do for people like me..

  9. Richard Hoenecke says:

    Mark Hamilton, Your Neothink literature is life-changing. I now know why my life

  10. Mark Griffin says:

    Mr. Hamilton, my name is Mark and I am 71 years old. I viewed the 1st of 12 meetings today. As per your request, I am posting so you can see where I am prior to going to Meeting 2. I am dyslexic and have never been able to read and then comprehend what I read. Because I am interested in your books, I struggled to read all three. I had to spell a lot of the words to my wife and sometimes had to have her read areas for me so I could fully comprehend what I was reading. Now that I have viewed your 1st meeting, I see that there is a lot to read again. I am afraid that I will not be able to read fast enough to keep up or that I will be able to comprehend what I am reading. The letters I received with your books stated that upon reading all 3 books, I would magically be able to read and comprehend everything that I had read. So far that hasn’t happened, and my wife had to read the question and answer portion of your meeting. What do you suggest I do?

  11. Samir Abdin says:

    Hello Mr. Hamilton,
    I am ready to meet with you, and attend the first meeting. Please let me when and where?

  12. Richard Shelton says:

    mr. hamilton as i read part two it takes me back to my child hood when my parents played games with me,that was pure love and happiness and i never forgot those times. eventually we lose those precious memories that are replaced with specialized thinking.thank you for opening my eyes to a wider perception of what is.

  13. Paula McKnight says:

    Dear Mark, I’m still here and I’m doing okay. I have decided to go to college and get my Associates Degree in Business Management, I have been accepted by ITT Tech distance education online. I still have to do my FASFA. Then I just wait until March 17, when my classes really begin. I have to set up my mini-day schedule and my power thinking. I am fed up with living on social security disability. I am going to rejoin the workforce. I will be getting the Third Cycle breaking FREE from control by other people,breaking free of bondage. I know the time for it was limited, but I simply cannot afford it this month. Could you please HOLD it for me, PLEASE? Thank You. Sincerely, Paula McK.

  14. richardhoenecke says:

    MarkHamilton:You have not heard anything from me yet because I have had difficulty using the computer. Your twelve vision world is a masterpiece. Bear with me and Iwill continue to master the computer. I have great persistence.

  15. Aaron Mancho says:

    NeoThink is am amazing piece, Mark. I have read many commentaries for or against Neothink’s literature. Whether fiction or not as some remarks suggest, the vision, wisdom, market strategy, character development, time take, and the diction is phenomenal, for almost for free. I spend much money to acquire even fiction literature knowledge, which this is not one, as am looking forth to it. I am anxiously waiting for my third copy, could not hesitate to pay being exhilarated to jump on reading with joy. I have never experience having a book that pins me down reading like, Mark Hamilton’s Neothink wisdom literature. I will only have much to say after my Neothink secret society meeting coming up. It is just too interesting and comforting as I see a light at the end of the tunnel, my internal feeling on TVP. I pray that the God that blessed the initiative; I thank him for the conscious revelation by you, Mark Hamilton, thanks. What an amazing, promising, elevating, inspiring journey to be. Aaron M.

  16. Tammy Hollingsworth says:

    Hi Mark! Enjoyed the first meeting. I am very excited about the second meeting. Be blessed!!

  17. phyllis Evans says:

    I would like to know how I can get copies of Miss Annabelle’s Lectures for the full school year that She used with Her students to make them powerful thinkers. I would like to teach my children and my grandchildren and so [moderator: Do not post your email address on the internet] Thank You Phyllis E.

  18. Shirley Washington says:

    Hi Mark I want to thank you again for inviting me to be a member of the Neothink Society. I feel very honored to have been chosen. I am curious to know the hidden talents that caused you to choose. I don’t know my Friday Night Essence as of yet. But I have been interested in opening an Assisted Living Facility for the elderly for some time, also being a Reiki Healer. But when I read in the Heriloom Books about every one being wealthy and in good health, I don’t know how long there will be a need for either of those. So I am trying to figure out what kind of business I can start that will bring value to the world. I am so excited about being a value creator. When I got you very first letter to purchase the first book, I was really excited and filled with extreme joy, because for some time I knew that I could not continue living on a meager income, I knew that had to be more in life for me. I love helping others and that is what I want to do, to bring joy to their hearts. I am excited about living forever, I am 79 years young and have no thought of dying. I want to be in love again, I mean real love and have that most wonderful romantic relationship that we were meant to have. I want to live the life we were meant to live, wealthy, free from suffering, loving and of course creating values. I pray that what ever you saw in me will materialize. I have one question, you mentioned the 15 second miracle in the book, but you did tell what is was or how to use it? Also in the letters I received I understood that after a period od time I would start coming in to good fortune. What does this 15 second miracle do for me? I am still excited to be a part of the Society, and hope one day I will be the recipient of the Noble Prize for my achievements. I know you are a very busy man, but it would be nice to have a response from you.
    Again thank you. Thanks for your time and consideration.

  19. emmanuel erskine says:

    H! Your Excellency Mr Hamilton,
    It’s of a great privilege for me to chosen among the Neothink group and thank the illuminati for that and of course you (Mr Hamilton) to be my mentor. I think all that said about me by the elite in the illuminati is true except that I first bought the first NT Discovery by You titled God-Man Our Final Evolution and within a few weeks I receive a letter that I have won $817,000.00 of Spanish Lotto but as I tried to pursue the money the more problems I encountered which to the conclusion I lost over $18,000 which was all the money I had as severance pay from my company Neoplan USA corporation Shut Down. Due to that I never even bother to read the book than to buy the other two series but as it turns out the elite never stop following me until now but this time I plan to read all even though every member has 3 hierloom packages that makes have 4. Now my problem is I was collecting food stamps when I was chosen to buy these books and was promise that within two weeks of receiving these heirloom books my life will turn around to riches but the job I had was cleaning toilet as a janitor which is the lowest I have hit in my life as 2 year College Associate Degree which by the way I don,t like it so please get me out there before i die because since I started during the Xmas holidays I keep getting sick continuosly

  20. David Hawkins says:

    is there a clubhouse in Dayton Ohio I am interested in helping out with the TVP ? Thankyou very much Mark .

  21. Stephannie Huey says:

    I am at level 3, and I just finished my session. I am excited about where Neo-Tech is going.

    As I listened to the session, I zeroed in on the Largest Common Denominator (Children–the childlike mind). Now, please allow me to share my super-puzzle that is snapping into place.

    I am an educator, I teach math–numbers. So, yes, it is about the numbers. First, if we can establish schools all around the country–world to teach children our Neothink doctrine incoporated with a Common Core curriculum we can reach the massive. Then, Neothink will become the household word and we will begin our C of U. Second, by hiring Highly Qualified certified teachers in their subject area and training them to teach the Neothink doctrine will interest most parents who want to see their children become superachievers.

    Mark, I would like to be apart of this groundbreaking movement. I know how to write academic curriculums, establish schools, and develope a working value creating marketable tool to further our movement to the massive. With a good team, we can make this happen this year.

    Mark, would you please give me an opportunity to meet with you and others in our society to explore this great super puzzle building opportunity.

    Thank you.

    Dr. Stephannie S. Huey

  22. george galbadores says:

    Hi Mr. Hamilton , I received my letter January 28, 2014 , and I am very excited looking forward to this journey with the Neothink Society. Thank You.

  23. Krasimira Stoyanova says:

    Is there a difference between the Neothink and Neo-Tech Secret Society?

    Thank you.

  24. Roy James says:

    Time to move on to Level 12, Mark.

  25. Shanawa C. Littlebow says:

    Hello Mark, I hope you got my email and my testimony I sent the other day. I have not heard from you but I know You are a very busy man. I look forward to seeing my testimony out there. blessings and the best to you.

  26. phyllis Evans says:

    Hi Mark, I’m looking forward to The Twelve Vision Party to take place I think we need it now. I do wounder how the handy cap people who never worked in there life and are unable to ever work do to their disability, What will happen to them? Some people have even given their children to State Hospitals to care for them and the State takes their So Sec checks. Some of these people know when another person really cares about them and shows them love.and there are others that are in their owe world, some parents never visit their children. How sad is that and who will care for them?. I know some people have a handy cap loved one that lives with their family that never worked and can never work again do to their disability. Say all their family pass and this person can live by himself how will he live with no income? I would make sure my loved one was well to do but, others may not leave their love one well off, what will that person do with no income and how would that person live? In your Neothink Books I think you need to go more into how the new world will help the Disabled. they may be the only ones that are afraid of The Twelve Vision Party to be our new government, Just a thought you may need to help them understand how they will be helped. Looking forward to My next eleven meetings your tapes voice is jumpy why is that? I’v had my owned two company’s before by thinking about starting another one to help the handy cap survive in the new world with other people to grow with me. thanks for reopening my Mind.

  27. Diamon Sysaath says:

    Dear Mark Hamilton and I would like to say hi to you that so long for me to understanding about your organization , now I am into it, because of you to care about me and I learned a lot about our society as , to created wealth, happy life, and many more things .
    By the way I am very appreciated your concern about me that you open my eyes to see the world and my family life will change so I can help other as am moving forward.
    Thank you so much.
    Diamon S.

  28. Howard Lewis says:

    Mark, Your books are extraordinary intuitive. They were all well written and very engaging. I immensely enjoyed reading each one of them. I sincerely hope that I can, in time, add my part to the upliftment and the sustainability of the society.

  29. Phyllis Sparley says:

    Hi Mark

    I received your letter today, Jan. 11th. Looking forward to my first level. I have enjoyed reading the above comments. I related very well with comments by D. Powers. I’m anxious to meet you in person.

  30. admin says:

    Read the letter again. It tells you how to self register and get your login information.

  31. wayne smith says:

    I spoke to Steve F. earlier about the new Ambassodors program which he indicated was still down the road yet and I would be very interested in working that group, My daughter contracted chronic Q fever a year and a half ago, and nobody would believe the hassles and denials our local and state govt, has given us. This week I learned the meaning of Manifest Injustice.

  32. Today on 01.08.14 I got your letter from 01.04.14 indicating the web site addres. But I did not get any username or password! How should I start in this condition? Thanks and waiting for your answer, how to folow!

  33. Terri Willford says:

    Mr. Hamilton,

    I received your letter today about the loss of your Father, Dr. Wallace. May I please extend my condolence to you.

    After reading the first 2 books in your trilogy, I realized I was already using integrated thinking in my former employment. I just didn’t realize that was what I was doing! Unfortunately, it must have intimidated and/or posed a threat to upper level persons, (I was a manager at the time), & I lost my job after being belittled & told how worthless I was in front of other employees & clients for going above & beyond my duties. I am now broke & broken, & feel panic at the thought of trying to get another job. The fear of such verbal abuse from anyone – especially an employer – overwhelms me. I have almost become a recluse & only go out of my house when I have to since this berating 15 months ago. I hate this stagnation & really need to work. Any suggestions for me to get past this? I’d work for a Neo-Think Brother or Sister as you say they are kind & caring. How do I find them?

  34. Roy James says:

    Hi Mark. The Miss Annabelle’s Story is still fresh in my mind. I will read it again as you suggest because it inspires, reveals, and compliments what we, as apprentices about to turn mentors, are striving toward. I am really excited about becoming a value creator. I’m excited about my new NT brothers and sisters and the inclusion of many more NT brothers and sisters. I’m excited about the TVP, the coming Business Alliance, and the Association of Anti-Aging and Death! I’m excited about the end of this anticivilization and the beginning of the C of U! I’m excited about the society, and I’m excited about this journey. Thank you, Mark. I can hardly wait for Level 11! My journey continues as I read “The Prime Cure.” I’m learning more and more and more. I’m growing more and more and more. Integrated thinking is the way!

  35. while listening to the level five lessons, i was amazed at myself, i understood what mark was talking about. i’m looking forward prosperous journey with the Neothink Society.

  36. Ivy Holmes says:

    Mark I have really enjoyed working with the membership calls and talking with everyone. I love talking to people and just participating with others that need help makes me feel very good and inspirational about the society. I feel like I am contributing in a small way to get this vision moving into the world today. I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to be apart of the new world today. I really do enjoy telling others about the Prime Law and what it stands for. I know it will be here very soon. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this society. I just love everyone and all my neothink family. I love you Mark and everything you stand for. Thank you again for letting me be apart of this organization. The C of U is the place I choose to be, living in Love and harmony.

    I love you, Ivy

  37. Deonca Powers says:

    Hello Mr. Hamilton, I was wondering a couple of things: First how do you select potential prospects, I guess my question is how did the Neothink society feel I am was special enough to select me as a prospect, what specific characteristics, and or qualities do I posses that made me a viable candidate? I ask you that question to say this, I have always felt different, like I was meant to do something big with my life, I have always felt like there is more out there, but it always seems like I an running into impenetrable wall with regard to achieving certain goals in my life. It seems like the harder I try the more difficult and elusive the goal, and or endeavor gets and for the life of me I can’t figure it out. I am a hard and diligent worker, yet and still my efforts seem like they are in vein. So my second question is what would you suggest for someone like me who is in a serious rut, and doesn’t know what to do to get out of it?

    Thank you
    Deonca Powers

  38. Alan Burns says:

    I have read 2 of the manuscripts and in the process of the third. I have to be able to concentrate before i CAN RETAIN IT. What I have read so far is lovely and a lot of things I have thought of before. Like government is to much in my personal life and want to much control. I for one would like to see the TVP take over and the twelve visions be in place. It would be more peace of mind. As it is the government took my lively hood away and say no can work,I am 60 yrs young and still have a lot of life left in me. Thank you Mark for the fantastic books.
    Alan B.

  39. Mary Grassel says:

    I am looking forward to the new political party.

  40. roy gordon says:

    Mr Hamilton,you are the most smartest person in this whole world. I truly believe in Neothink. Im looking forward in going the distance in this Journey and i must admit it is so hard on me to get home to my computer because im a truck driver. one day i will be running my own business and i will never have to worry about ever being away from home. Thanks for this Opportunity!

  41. Fuentes says:

    Hi to everyone, I was wondering if anyone here knows where can I buy the NeoThink books? Amazon only has #3 :(

  42. Cameron Windom says:

    Hi my name is Cameron Windom and I a very interested in going in pot my first meeting. I’m so excited!

  43. Richard Clark says:

    Hello Mr. Hamilton,
    I am very excited to advance further with the Neothink society and began to reap the prosperity, and experience the many benefits. I am looking forward to attending my first meeting.

  44. mario menezes says:

    Hi, all brothers and sisters of this great society.I am thankful to be chosen to
    participate and contribute with my experience and effort , to leave something
    to this country that would transform the generations to come, forming their character and stimulating their minds in order to create a generation of patriotic thinkers and serving as examples for this great nation.

  45. Linda Sue says:

    How many books am I going to have to buy? I am short on money and can’t afford to keep buying. Please let me know.

  46. William Mutka says:

    Hi Mark this is a very interesting adventure you have invited us all on. As we all go along we see how everything comes into place. The more that we have on board the better things will be.People just need to be shown how they too can enjoy and become the person that they were meant to be. I hope that I can contribute to everyone’s happiness. By helping them to see that only when we get yourselves in shape but physically and mentally can we progress to that next level. As those in Miss Anabelle’s class grow they seen things the way she was teaching them, and that it would be the way that would separate them from the rest and lift them to that next level. So to we must help others get into shape. We all know that if we feel good about ourselves then we feel life is truly worth living. So let’s get them in shape. I just want to say thanks for helping me to see my FNE.

  47. Mitchell Berman says:

    Thank you mentor for my acceptance into these secret meetings. I look forward to a prosperous journey with the Neothink Society! Thank you for your time and consideration!

  48. victory1 Febles says:

    Thank you Mentor for accepting me to these meetings. I look forward to contributing to The Neothink Society and members. thanks.

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