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Secret Meetings

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  2. carla m says:

    Mark Hamilton is a great author and writer.

  3. carla moore says:

    Mark Hamilton is a great author and writer. Stonehenge has a great history. I was part of something great there an alien who was going to take me away by the name of Tar. Tar was grey and tall insize he lifted me up off of the middle flat stone to take me away, but I told him I could not go because of my daughter karliscia. He looked at me strangely and said I will be back he put me down I wa not afraid of him. It was as if I already knew who he was. So why do I suffer???3.33 As a child this happened to me around 9 or 10 2 little aliens in a spaceship. I followed them outside my dad was calling me and he wanted to know why I was outside at 1 am in the morning in my pjs. I replied looking for the aliens the little green men. My dad thought I was crazy everywhere I go people misunderstand me or they dont like me or they are jealous of me and I am just being me so I ask why do I suffer so much???.3.33

  4. I don’t seem to be able to get through on my computer most of the time so can’t receive answers to many questions I have about the stuff I’m reading that’s in question in these books but on the other hand I believe I’ve been living my life from my first breath as you’re describing a person should live and this is the part that I feel I understand completely and I’ve always been the person who sees the future in a past tense kind of way and I believe you know exactly what I’m talking about. I don’t have much going for myself in a monetary kind of way but I’m not hurting for anything it seems and if I ever need something in my life whatever it may be it just seems to come to me and it has been that way pretty much all of my life well I think that may be enough for you to understand me better, also I’ve been homeless for more than five years now but feel as though I’ve got more going for me than those with one and I don’t rely on anyone or anything else to live and thank you but I would like to know how did you find me?

  5. Thank you Mark and also I feel as though I know you and have known you all my life in some way. I also believe you and I think much alike and are likely to create great things together that will greatly enhance better living condition for all of humanity in the near future. There are so many things going through my mind all the time and I seem to be seeing things that the world around me may think of as not possible but at the same time even though I don’t understand some things going through my mind something is telling me the answers are so very simple and I can’t believe that no one has been able to figure out how to derive power and energy from something so simple as gravity.

  6. Dorothy Ross says:

    Every time I write you my enemy seems to erase what I say. I want to know why these powerful people have my enemy Florine Dorsey getting away with exploitation and identity theft for 23years using my passport and knowing they signed a federal government double Seal May 4,1998 and still today have not taken her fingerprints. I never gotten paid or received any of my honor. No one has met me as yet, they keep sneaking behind my back and hang out in the apartment over my head. I have license to smoke crack but they will not pay me it’s everyday and night they pay Florine and her friends to smoke crack and they do not have a job or license. Please tell me what the problem is and take this mirror off my body. I am the human computer and cameras must match and no
    one else is on both without digital. I definitely need my privacy. Please
    come and visit me let’s talk my mentor to fix this asap. If I said this before WHY HAVEN’T YOU ANSWERED ME

  7. Harry Street says:

    I’m a new member and interested in the secret meetings. I find this website to not be very user friendly. Are all of the meetings online and is there any recent content relevant in 2020? I have finished all 3 manuscripts and have been invited to purchase a 4th. I liked all the books and visions and the premise of man’s consciousness evolution into NeoThink. I did feel the manuscript was extremely redundant as far as the point of the computer technological advancement and development of the internet, The internet has exploded recently and could be a great tool to get your message out quickly, however if this website is any indication of how you are implementing the broadcast of your message, you seem to still be in the dark ages. If not please send me a link to your next evolution of NeoThink website evolution.

  8. Xameleon18 says:

    Hi Mark!I’m I’m in Newthink since 2019. I have 8 or 9 books. Unfortunately I didn’t read them all it’s so many and I know that I really want to know more about how I finally will get rich and how my life will change in the way I should be. The life I was meant to live. I imagine my perfect day to woke up in the morning let’s say around 9am in beuteful house with many windows and view of sea saroundet by mountain. The home it will be in the mountain. When I will stand up from my bed I will open the balcony door to see the view and in the front of me it will be very beautiful sweaming pool just one step from the door so I can get into the water and relax feeling finally the freedom from my husband, from people who never respect me and freedom to know that I am rich and my child will be just next to me and I can have plenty of time to be happy with my child and grandchild. I will know also that there it will be someone who I will meet and he will be the perfect man for me who will respect me love me who will be very generous and romantic and also he will have humor and he will be social and he would love to travel with me. He will be handsome man with broad shoulders hot looking and very charming smile and I don’t think I want to married again because I had hard marriages but I would love to be as many years we can enjoy the life together. I want to feel free! I want to live free! I want to be rich health and happy person! I want this for me my childand my grandchild! This will be my perfect day! Maybe I should win the lottery! And then I will have enough time to enjoy my new life!

  9. Patrick B Rasmusson says:

    what a marvelous and wonderful day it was today!

  10. Patrick & Terri Rasmusson says:

    the attoreny generals office oof illinois is a complete waste of tax payers money. i don’t have a lot of complaints i only have a few, three of them really, and each time i had petitioned the Illinois attorney generals office they mail me a piece of paper go go find a lawyer weather it is a branch of government being complained of and or a business. their enoite entitled job is to help assist American Citizens with their complaints in address of grievances and their failing to do that basic protection for people no matter whom any one is. they might make allegations, oh here is a few things we worked on yet myself and 1,000’s of others have unimaginable amounts of collected pieces of paper that show nothing other then go somewhere else. i am sick and tired of it!!!!!!!!!! iu made a complaint against the US Post Office to the i0llinois attorney general office, when a branch of government fails if a complaint is filed their suppose to use that complaint and resolve the crisis at hand on behalf of the citizen(s). they need to remove thei9rselves from office and not come back until the next election!!!!!!!!! Or put in people that are honest value creators fromNEO THINK SOCIETY instead!!! That is an OATH to NEOTHINK SOCIETY!!! Im tired of the abuse and waste of money from their collected tax that is nothing more then a fraud based governmentbusiness to cause menand women to be poor and broke and depressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Patrick & Terri Rasmusson says:

    there needs to be a group that could stop the robo calls or the scam likely calls or the ransomware. too, the post office needs to compensate my claim of theft of postal mail where they stole from the society NT, they stolen from non profit groups that was 501 c groups collecting donation to help people live such as cancer research. the postal office stolen my original payment that was mailed to neo think society years ago for my first book i think back in 2007 or 2008 yet i have the proof for that. had three intellectual property innovations stolen of which one was stolen from social media as well as the USPS post.

  12. Patrick & Terri Rasmusson says:

    im slowly loosing the ability to walk. fractured my faith metatarsel on a city sidewalk that led to all the visual injuries i had from being in service in fort leonard wood where i should had surgery at the time the injury took place, it hurt every day, stuggeling by pure will power really, i wait for the days where there isn’t stupid dumb noise outside so i could reasonable think ie when working on a invention idea, had ideas to further working on wheel chair ideas yet really eskoseleton bionics needs to be made to wear outside of the human body sorta to help take weight off the human body to live longer instead of straining the body struggling against physical injury, half my right leg is numb usually each day all froma failure of a city to maintain their own sidewalks from parking blocks, my foot was injured on a parking block recklessly left on a sidewalk from some car pushing it onto the sidewalk.

  13. Patrick & Terri Rasmusson says:

    i have TBI and PTSD in regards to my service connected disabilities, my orbital wall had been fractured since 1986 when i was in service, i had a bad time due to the electromagnetic microwave antennas and well as loud sounds such as the fireworks people had been letting off that affects me kinda badly, its remotely odd seeing someone such as myself wear 36 desible ear things that stop noise from bothering me so much, yet i wore ear plugs since the injury in 1996 i kinda look odd wearing them all the time the injury ha;opened in the mess hall on a federal base, where that injury lead to falling down a stair case from dizziness not even a month later, if my medical records were reviewed i believe everyone would be stuned kinda bad where each of you would see what wrong with things, my spine is bad too the lumbart area. when i fell in the stairwell on a federal base it was due to being dizzy where i ebnded up having my foot stuck in a cable that was on a platform on the second floor barracks, i didn’t bounce off each step i went from one platform landing to the lower one landing on my right leg, right shoulder and right side of my skull, i was knocked out where a platoon buddy was trying to help me come too as i was told, i vomitted very often since then, vomiting is listing in the first medical report on base that is TBI related as well as the unordinary problem of my hearing that’s unbalanced besides loud sounds hurt, there is a train about three miles away i think that causes sleep deprivation in everyone.

  14. Patrick & Terri Rasmusson says:

    one of the water containiments in under ground water pollution is from fireworks, nitrates, nitrates i also one of the atmospheric pollutants that cause canynophage to grow fast that’s often called moss, nitrates and high carbon cause it to grow too fast it grows on everything. was studying the environment for something to due kept a lot of notes, though fireworks causes a environmental pollution most probably don’t know of that last close to a week medical jouraqnls came a across a few that state not to inhale the air during firework displays, the aforementioned im just including my two cents in regards to that stuff yet fireworks tramatizes domestic pets as well as wild animals and had caused heart issues of those that have to be in quiet.

  15. Lee Hart says:

    I just wanted to say thank you Mark Hamilton for being
    My mentor threw this time of need, and I look forward
    to meeting you all soon.Cant wait to put my special talents
    to work hope to see you all at the next meeting so we
    Can help people around the world live better and have what
    Is meant to be in there life’s. 03/17/23

  16. Tamar Raine says:

    Hi Mark, I have brought so many books from you plus Dr Wallace’s books, that I don’t know which to read first!
    any ideas?

    I am also launching my Art web site! Maybe if you and others buy something, I could afford to buy the newest offer at $299.00!

  17. Lee Hart says:

    I would like to know where the nearest
    clubhouse is so I can go there and meet
    all of the members as I should have done
    a long time ago, I’m off Charleston and Torrey pines dr
    Please let me know when the next meeting
    is.Thank you

  18. Rodolfo says:

    I am trying to go in the conference meeting , also the secret meeting I go in

    why its so complicated to get in?. There must be a easy way to get in the secret

    Thank you very much,


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